Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flower Easter Egg

Want to do a fun little Easter project with a few supplies that you probably already have among your craft supplies?  Pastel felt scraps, pearls, pins, an egg Styrofoam shape, and a small flower shaped die.

 I don't know about you, but it is so much fun to get out a few basic supplies.....with a general idea and see where it goes and how the project develops.  

 I just bought this Sizzix lilac flower die recently, just for the shape and size of these flowers.  I know this is old school, but I have been using these dies lately to cut felt or wool.  It is so much fun and it cuts it so well.  Here I am using up some scrap pieces to get a few more flowers cut out. 

 I just cut up a bunch of these flowers in both several different pastel colors that I had in my felt stash.  A couple of them are wool felt, which I love.  I don't have much of that because of the cost.....but it is wonderful to work with and has a more beautiful look to it.  Aren't they sweet?

This is what I ended up with....adding little pearls with pins and a piece of ribbon for the hanger.  I dip the ends of the pins in a little craft glue before inserting them into the Styrofoam to secure them well.  You could leave the ribbon off, if you don't want to hang it.  I think doing one all in the same color-way would be wonderful too.   I included Miss Chicky in the pic too....this is a Mill Hill kit from a couple years ago.  She is a hoot!!!  I often take something like this to work on when we travel.

We are enjoying an unbelievable spring here in the I hope this little project brings some "spring" into your life.  Isn't this Easter postcard wonderful? always right click on the image and you can save it to your computer.  I just saw a garland made from postcards that are machine sewed to a piece of rick-rack.  It was wonderful, I haven't gotten to that many projects, so little time.......

Bit 'O Green

Writer's Note:  This was suppose to be posted a week ago.....ugh....not sure what happened to it, I am sure operator error.  The amount of silly things I do or forget to do on some days is ridiculous.  

Top of the morning to me I have no Irish accent and don't drink beer.  But even still, I always felt like I should have some Irish ancestry, but to my knowledge I don't.  I really like Celtic music and enjoy listening to it.  I thought I would share some things of mine that are green.
Here is part of the green stash that is not batik or reproduction or homespun.  I keep most of my fabric in glass covered lawyer type book cases.  It keeps them dust free, but I can still see what I have.  I also fold my fabric in a uniform way so they stack nicely and can always be seen.

 Dear Jane block G-7 Indianapolis, I think it is the only green block in my quilt so far.

 Oh my cutting mat.....could not live without several of them.  I am working on some string piecing of selvages and this narrow roll of muslin type fabric and the other stack are stitched on used up dryer sheets.  These will make great borders or a strippy quilt at some point.

The stash 'o repro's in green, thought you might enjoy the little J & P Coats box too.  I got that from a neighbor of mine and have it full of vintage spools and threads.  It has a floral motif on the top of the lid.

We are enjoying a beautiful week here in Ioway!!!  70-80 every has been wonderful and the Silver Fox and I have been uncovering flower beds every day we have been home.  It is so nice to have his help.  I planted some new things outside my front door, so am looking forward to seeing how things are going to look as they all come up.

 Hen and Chicks......these are the tiny ones.  I love these things and have them in several varieties, sizes all over the farm.

 A green friendship star.....this is a great block to make and one I have enjoyed putting together over the years. This little beauty is a 3" block finished, so each one of the little squares is 1" finished.  This is from a charm patch quilt, so each patch is different.  You would need to cut your squares 1-7/8" and cut them once diagonally to have the correct size to piece.  You can see the quilting I did with my machine that looks like hand quilting.  I love to do that on small pieces because of all the seam allowances ....hard hand quilting if you ask me.

 Now hear is the whole quilt......  I really like charm quilts, but they are time consuming to cut out.

I kept some of the books from my Great-Grandma W.'s house.  I don't think I have read this one and I should.....I love the cover on it and from perusing the pages it has an Irish theme to the story.  Isn't it a charming cover with the pooch and the shamrocks?

What a lovely shaped pitcher in green of course.....It came from my Grandma K. and I like to put flowers in it sometimes.....sweet!

This little house was on my Grandma K's big gas cook stove and she kept her salt in it.  It is chipped up and has been lovingly used, but it reminds me of her standing in front of her stove making fried, crispy potatoes in bacon grease for me in her big cast iron pan.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Felt Easter Baskets

I bought these adorable Easter Buckets last year at Target on clearance after Easter.  I had planned to make something similar for the grand kiddos......but when I saw these at 75% off.....buying was a lot easier!!!!

To personalize them, I embroidered their names out on felt, cut them out, and sewed them to the handle of each bucket.  How easy is that!!!!

Aren't these colors wonderful?  .....they would make a great quilt palette.

I haven't looked in Target or any of the other stores to see if you can purchase anything similar this season.  I would think you could find something like these.  Let me know and I will pass it on.

I am so excited to have the kids use them in a few weeks.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Little Girls Name Bracelet

Here is a quick craft to do with almost any age girl that would like a little bling.  I have a craft box full of cheap beads and charms, etc., again thanks to my grandmothers.   I let her pick out what she wanted and helped her with the arrangement.  Using 7 strand beading wire........

she strung all the beads on, make sure you have a bead holder on one end to keep them from falling off the other end.  Or you will have a frustrated kiddo.

After she had got them all put on, I tried it on her wrist to see how we were for length, and we did have to adjust it some.  Then I add a claw and crimp bead on one end and a split ring and crimp bead on the other end to finish it like a nice bracelet.  Waa-laa!!!

A pretty excited 4 year old with her new bracelet that she had made herself!!!

NOTE:  You could also use elastic thread and string it and tie the ends into a know with a little glue on it for security.  This is cheaper, faster and adjustable.   I just happen to like a nice jewelry fastener better.

These ALWAYS go over big!!!!  Sometimes we match the beads to an outfit and do a necklace and bracelet....better yet.