Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Customer Finishes and Where Did the Summer Go?

We put the pool away on Monday......this would be me with a sad face asking "Where did the summer go?"

In one word KITCHEN.....

I will write more about this later, but there has been some updating going on the kitchen this summer and for those of you who have already walked in these steps, you know what that is slowly coming around here......but it has consumed our summer.

This is what we looked like before the countertop was installed and we hadn't taken the cupboard doors off yet.  You can see the new oven in the mirror reflection.  That was a whole process too, taking out the old and modifying the opening to fit the new one......had to do that for the microwave too.

This is what this kitchen looked like after it barfed all over the dining room.  I was never so glad to have a table that seats 14 in my life!  There is stuff on the chairs, under the chairs on the window sills.  EVERYWHERE!

I did manage to get a couple quilts done in August for a customer.....they turned out beautifully!  

 This is a scrappy repro is hard to get a picture of the quilting on these scrappy pieces.

I do have openings for September and one opening for early October.  Let me know if you are interested.

This next piece was a baby quilt and soooo cute!  I think the family lives near the ocean, where this piece is going to live!  How fun is that?

I put a wave like design over this one!  Too Cute!

Where did your summer go????