Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

We give thanks to Thee, O God, we give thanks, For Thy name is near; Men declare Thy wondrous works. Psalm 75:1

It is good to give thanks to the Lord, And to sing praises to Thy name, O Most High; To declare Thy loving kindness in the morning, And Thy faithfulness by night.  Psalm 92:1-2

May your day be filled with gratitude, not just today, but every day!
We have a LOT to be thankful for!

Friday, November 1, 2013

One or Two Pumpkins.....

I have recently ran into several readers that wondered if I was still doing my blog....which was nice to be missed.  Answer.....Yes, just haven't been doing a good job with it.  It would be extremely encouraging to hear from some of you that enjoy these epistles.  You all know I have a "migraine life" really you don't want to hear from me, when I am not doing well.  That is part of my problem with writing, I can't be very authentic when I am barely functioning, so I struggle with that.  I don't do well at faking things, which is probably a good thing.  Any way it was nice to hear that some had missed my little corner of the world.  I will try and do better.  I think I have said that bad!

I got rid of my Halloween decorations several years ago, divided it up between my girls.  They could enjoy all the stuff with all the grandkiddos.  So I have pumpkins and turkeys instead.  I really do like fall, just don't like what comes after.....SNOW & ICE.....ick!  I want to move to Arizona every winter.  :)  really!!!

Here is a cute pumpkin coaster I knitted....have a pair of them very cute and fast project.  One of my previous neighbors from La Porte City, wrote a darling book of knitted coasters.  I have been having a lot of fun doing some of them.

Milk glass pumpkin under glass.

I love old are a couple of them from my collection.

I love Mr. Scarecrow sitting on his bale of straw.....

My Grandma T. did beautiful ceramic work....this piece is darling.  I love the lit up faces!

This bale of straw came from the Thresher's Reunion in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa many years ago.  They had a small machine there that made these small bales.  I have used it to decorate for fall every year since.  So fun!
Do you want to see how they make these?  straw bale

A machine embroidered mini quilt.

By the back door

Oh those fall colors!

I found this little gem a few months ago at a sidewalk sale for 90% off.  I guess nobody thought it was worth the $2-3 I paid for it.....I thought it was gorgeous and have been carrying "my stuff" around in it.

This is my kind of carving.  I never liked doing they have all these tools for you to use, probably would be a lot easier.  But I still love this one,  just plug it in!  :)

I had these theme sweaters, that are out of style now, but I still hated to part with I made some of them into pillows.  I just rough cut them apart and then mark them on the wrong side where I want to stitch and run them through the serger to get the right size and stabilize the edges.  Sew it all around with the sewing machine and I used the button closure to make my opening.  Oh, and I made it the same size as a pillow I already had.  So I can take it off easily to change them out.

Isn't she cute?