Monday, April 14, 2014

Dear Jane D-13 Field of Dreams

I hope you are still progressing with your blocks with or without my prodding.

We some how went over our limit of data with our internet....when to our knowledge we are not doing anything different and have never had an issue in 7 years.  So they slashed our speed to non-existent till we dropped back to 70%, then you had to wait another 48 hours, don't ask me why. So we have been like this for the last 2+ weeks.  I have been driving to any where that has free Wi-Fi and checking my email, etc.  And we are paying $80 a month for this service......grrrrr!  Can you tell I am irritated by this?  Also called the local phone company to beg them to get our fiber optics hooked up, but looks like it will be at least another 6 least we are finally back to our normal speed which is nothing to brag about and certainly hardly worth what we are paying.  But that is my tale of woe and why I have not been on line much.

This soon shall pass, right?

Today's block is very easy and also would make a great one for a signature, inking a piece of vintage clip art or adding any other type of information you would like.  I happen to take a workshop with Brenda at the very beginning of my Dear Jane journey and had her sign a piece of fabric.  So included it in this block....adds a nice touch to my quilt, I dare say!

I am working down the right side of my quilt, two blocks in and the triangle borders too.  I haven't counted, but I think in about 2 weeks, I should have that section all quilted.

This photo was taken just weeks before his death.
One hundred forty-nine years ago today was the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  And if you have any inclination to what happened to Lincoln after his death......check this out, when you have some time!  I watched this when it first aired and could not believe what this documentary was is so bizarre, that it is almost comical.  You can't make this stuff up.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dear Jane J-1..... Josepha's Jonquil

How would you like to be a part of this move with all your earthly possessions you could carry?  This photo is identified as a refugee family fleeing a battlefield area with no place location or date.

This weeks challenge is J-1.

A fairly simple applique block....oh, no that "A" word.

Now if you have a very discerning will notice my block is "different."  Oh well, I had the darn thing all stitched up and then looked at the picture and discovered I had stitched the triangles to the wrong corners.  So you can see I left it and moved on.  In the scheme of things it didn't bother me that much and unless someone has the book in front of them, no one is going to know about it, but YOU and ME!

Well since my block is special....looking at the picture in the book for the quilting lines was not much help for this rogue I just made it up as I went and I love the star shape in the center that showed up!

On this day in 1863 was the battle of Kelly's Ford in Culpepper Co., Virginia.  There is a video link on the site.....listen to it while you stitch on your Jane, it will give your quilt even more meaning and insight to you!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dear Jane K-1.....Crooked Creek

Well, I am having horrible internet issues this morning.....not sure if our router is not working or Wild Blue or what.  Most I will be lucky to get this posted!!!

Dear Janers, 

My challenge to you this week, is block K-1.

  I also would suggest to you, if you haven't already done so, take some time and do a seam allowance check, especially if you are not doing these blocks by foundation piecing.  I recently did this again while working on another project.  I just wasn't that happy with how some units were fitting together.  So took the time to make some adjustments on my needle position and stitched out some samples.  I have a Viking Designer 1 and I set my needle for straight stitch with the needle in the far right position, then moved it 2 clicks to the left to be set at 5.0.  On my machine I found this to be much closer to a scant 1/4" seam, than the built in 1/4" seam setting or the 1/4" foot.  So if you are just not quite happy with how your patchwork is fitting together.....take the time to do this.  I promise it will make your work cleaner and a lot less effort to fit together.  Especially on these tiny if you blocks are shrinking....I would highly encourage you to spend the will be glad you did!

Crooked Creek K-1 unquilted
Crooked Creek J-1 quilted

I am always so amazed at how the hand quilting transforms a block from good to excellent.  I love the texture and depth it adds.  I am trying to do a block/triangle a day.....I don't quite make every day, but am making progress.  Hopefully by giving you these challenges, it will help spur you on in your Dear Jane journey!

Here is a little back ground history 150 years ago this week.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Dear Jane L-1

Anyone on the Small Quilt Dear Jane list up for a challenge this week?  If you have not already done that block.  I will be quilting mine.

I am posting pictures on my blog because I can't access that in any of my Yahoo Groups. So irritating......

Another one bites the dust!  Yea!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wilkinson Family Bible

I got permission from Bonnie Hunter to post these pictures of a Bible she found in New Braunfels, TX.  Check this out, if you would like to read about her finding this treasure.  What a special find for a family member to connect with this piece of history.

George Henry Wilkinson and Emily Whiteley Married April 18th 1872.

Arnold Wilkinson b.1873
Percival Wilkinson b. 1876
Herbert Horace Wilkinson b. 1877
Edith Annie Wilkinson b. 1880
George Ernest Wilkinson b. 1882

Please let me know if this get connected to the right Wilkinson Family!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Anniversary Silver Fox

We had another anniversary a couple weeks ago.  It was number 41......I can't hardly wrap my head around that!  Any way around Christmas time, I got an email from AQS with several kits for sale and one caught my eye.  Soldier's Story Quilt

So after the holidays were over I went back and ordered this kit and started washing the fabrics the minutes the box came into the house.  I had it in my mind to have it done by January 23.....our anniversary.  That was less than 3 weeks, but it is cold and terrible outside really.  So it was a nice focus when I couldn't do much else!

I worked on it while the Silver Fox was at work and luckily.....he is tired when he gets home and doesn't pay attention directly to what I am working on.  I didn't use my design wall like I usually do either.

By January 23, I had all the main components and blocks done.....I just needed to put the whole thing together.  I sewed 6-7 hours that day and got the whole top done.  It is wonderful and even looks better in person than I can capture on film.

Notice the blue toile with Civil War figures on it.....wonderful!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dear Jane & M-3.....moving slowly

I happened to remember the other day, I have never taken a picture of Jane after I machine quilted it in the ditch and bound it.  I really don't have the room to do it justice here.....

 I just could not get high enough to get it all in.....

 You can pick out the double pink ring....and the smaller yellow one.

 Love, love, love.....what can I say!

I added inked names of our ancestors and companies that fought in the Civil War, both Union and Confederate.  You can see some of those here.  I drew a star by those names that are direct descendants.

M-3 unquilted 
M-3 quilted

I try and quilt them as I can see them done from the original, but sometimes because of seam allowance and I fussy cut the fabrics for this block, so I didn't want to quilt through the center of the patches....I thought it would take away from the fabric pattern, so I did a lot more stitching in the ditch than I like to do....but it works and it is DONE!