Monday, October 27, 2014

Ellis Family Sale

I love a good garage sale, tag sale, estate sale, auction, or thrift only problem is I have a lot of treasures already. The Silver Fox and I were involved in helping to clean out several family member's homes a few years back and that brought my inventory around here to a new high!  Need I say more!  So lately I haven't done much thrift shopping.....but on Facebook several weeks back I got an announcement for a family/estate sale from one of my 2nd cousins.....very tempting because I knew her mother, Mary Lou, who is my first cousin once removed to be technical.  She LOVES garage sales and had bought for many years...... which makes for an awesome sale.

Just for fun, I thought I would share with you their wedding story, since it was so unique.  And for those of you who are not me, you will love it just the same and wish you had a record like this for one of your loved ones!!!  Don & Mary Lou Wedding

Don & Mary Lou Ellis Wedding Picture

So off I went to Cedar Rapids with my Garmin.....can I just say I love that thing!  I would never have gone without it.  I am not that brave, but that crazy thing makes me brave!  I pulled up as I saw the cars parked and picked a place I could drive right into, because I don't parallel park either.  I went on Day 2, as I was busy the day before.  Which is OK, I knew it would have been crazy and it was!  And I am of the mindset, if I am to have something it will be there.....

My cousin, Judy had worked so hard to pull this off.  I can't describe the amount to things that were there.....humongous amounts & it didn't include the furniture because that had been sent off to an auction house....her aunts and brothers also pitched in and it took the whole tribe to handle this!  It was so good to sit and visit with them in between customers, which I would not have been able to do on the first day.  It was pretty nutty, not surprising!  I went through the house I think 3 times because there was so much to see and I was trying to be pretty selective......remember the lady that doesn't NEED anything!  But I must say it was sooo much fun cause I hadn't done this in a very long time! And throw a little cousin love on top of it.....a really delightful day!

Some of the Schmidt girl cousins......Linda, me & Judy

So this is what I brought home with me......a beautiful crochet lace table cloth.  I am a sucker for them, it had a few stains, but I washed it and it cleaned up beautifully!

My mother's family has a thing for Amana made is usually solid walnut or cherry. Although they did make some things in oak too, but mostly walnut. We got most of our furniture at Krauss's which is no longer in business....which makes me sad.  But we also got a few pieces from Schanz Furniture, if you want to check it out.  I don't know where this started, any of you cousins know?

 But several of us have pieces from there and they are beautiful, solid, heavy, well-made and timeless.  So I was looking and this piece I actually missed, but my cousin Gary thought I would like it and put it on my glad he sweet, small tray.....did I say I like trays too?

Now she is all decked out with a few Halloween and fall very fun!

Then I ran across these wonderful milk glass vases, my daughter, Sally has a beautiful black hutch that my dad made for her and she is collecting milk glass to go in the top of it, so I sent her a picture of these these made a brief stop at my house before taking a trip to Chattanooga, where they live at her house now.

I also picked up a candle lamp, can't have too many of them either.  I turn it on most nights, great night light!

My heart did a little pitter-patter when I saw this Amana foot foot stools too!  Imagine that!    And it lives very nicely with the Amana Lincoln rocker.  And the walnut quilt stand my dad made me many years ago.

 The patchwork pumpkin looks wonderful on it's little stool.....I never had a great place for it, because it is BIG!  I had no idea when I did this project how big it would it has a spot to be and it looks wonderful!

I picked up this old Charles Denby cigar box and the geode too....I like old advertised and ephemera. This lives for now on my book case with some books that fit right inside!  Judy had a whole tote of geodes, I wished I would have gotten a few more of them after the fact.  Can you believe it?  I like pretty rocks too.  That was one of the first things I collected when I was a girl!  Got it all scrubbed and it looks beautiful!

I wished I could have taken you all along that like old things, it was so much fun.....thanks Judy for a great summer day outing!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ta Da Dear Jane Finish......finally

Well last week on Thursday, October 16......I pulled my bent needle through all the layers of my Dear Jane for the last time. In that moment, I received my PhD in quilting. I didn't go to any institution to receive it, but if you can execute this project and complete it, in my book we have earned it!  I must say I did it with a sigh of relief and the moment was rather anti-climatic.  Over the last couple months, I just wanted this project done and I was ready to move on to other things instead of spending about 2 hours every morning stitching on "Her."

I don't think these pictures do it I don't have a place to photograph something this does look wonderful and the hand quilting added so much to it!  That is what kept me going on it, to see the transformation of each block......beautiful!

I have no idea how some of you have done the whole quilt several times're killing me!  I have no desire to do that at all.  Been there done that.....ready to do something else!  But kuddos to you that have the stamina to do that!

Right now she is in the quilt rack waiting for her label, which I think I will work on after posting this blog.
Note: This picture was taken before the whole top was quilted.

My goal was to have this quilt totally done sometime during the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War, which meant having it done by April 9, 2015.  Civil War Ends .......eye witness accounts for your perusal.  I am thrilled to have met that accomplishment.  What I personally really love about this quilt, in being able to honor those in our families that fought, North or South, in this conflict.  Both the Silver Fox and I have ancestors that represented both sides.  I think I inked about 25 names.  Did you know that Iowa in the Civil War had the most men serve in proportion to the state's population than any other state?  A little trivia for you!  But the men from our family did not live in Iowa at the time of the civil war.

 The corner signature block......In the Spirit of Jane A. Stickle.

 Henry L. Leach was one of my husband's ancestors.  And see the star by his name, that tells me he is a grandfather, not an uncle or cousin.  G-5 Poof is your challenge for this week.....get to it!

 This is the only picture I have with me in it.  A little hard to do without friends to help and you can't see mine!  Robin and Karan are hiding to hold this baby up and it is a heavy quilt.....lots of pieces, means lots of seam allowances.  This was taken two weeks ago at a retreat I attended at the Grout museum.  So it was not quite done, but while I attended, I got my two blocks done each day......a lady on a mission!

Here we are in all our glory! 
 Done is better than perfect!

But I think she is just perfect, but I might be a little bit bias!  :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

AQS Chattanooga 2014 & Dear Jane Challenge

This is for your pure you like cows?               

SRL-Yes I do

Do you know why you like cows?

SRL-No, don't really know why.  I think they are humorous....I like to watch them chew, that sideways jaw thing and the way they stand with they heads turned to the side of their bodies....kinda curious.

Do you have any cows?


Do you know anything about cows?

SRL-Not really, I do know they chew their cuds and they have more than one stomach, dairy cows have to be milked twice a day.......but I would have no idea how to take care of one.

Several years ago at the end of driveway and across the road, the neighbors had an area that cannot be farmed, grassy with some water running through it and they would run some cows in that pasture. It gave me a a fun reason to walk down and get the mail each day.  Evidently they liked to listen to me, because they would come up to the fence and listen and eat while I talked to them.  Saw a lot of chomping of grass, switching of tails and an occasional Moooo.  

But mostly just looking at me, probably wondering what is this woman saying any way and why does she keep coming back day after day?  And she keep blathering on about moo-knows what?  But I guess it gives us something to do every day besides eating and swatting bugs off our butts.

All of that to introduce these challenge quilts we saw at the Chattanooga show.....I forgot to photograph the challenge details.......but just enjoy & have fun. 

 I challenge you look at them without laughing out loud.

One more little might want to find the utters on these little dears....too good!

And for my vintage girlfriends still slugging out their Dear is your challenge for this week.

A great block to work on while watching football or a new pilot show this weekend.  :)  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

History of Jane Stickle & Dear Jane

My friend Kathy recently gave a link to some history of the "Mother Quilt" and it's maker.
In case you missed it the first time....

I love these stories and never seem to tire of them either.  So did a little searching to see what else popped up for your perusal.

The downfall to all of take you away from actually stitching a block!!!  :)

Here is a genealogy record.....

Short podcast.....just for fun!

Grave of Jane Stickle


Here is your challenge for this week and we have plans, the Silver Fox and I next week! But you keep on stitching even though I am not for a few days!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dear Jane Challenge

A few days ago.....I hit another great milestone!  The top triangle border is all quilted including 2 blocks in on the top edge too.  I have done that on all four side now.  Another happy dance happening!!!  I did it that way so that a big chunk of the blocks would be done when I moved to the center of the quilt.  I had already done quite a few of them popcorn style all over the I am down to 70 blocks left.  So exciting, the end is in view!!!

Well that's my foot too!
Today in the Civil War is the anniversary of the Second Battle of Ream's Station.  We have not been able to visit the Petersburg area....looks like we could spend quite a bit of time there. If you click on the link to the Ream's Station virtual tour part way down the page, it gives you a sense of the characters involved and the stories behind them.  As in many of the battles, it was about control of railroad lines and supply chains.

I am going to suggest 2 blocks for you to work on, since I didn't get to blogging last week.....sorry!

E-5 Rising Sun
G-5 Poof
I inked around 20 some names of our family that served in the civil war.  This name is starred so Henry is one of my husband's direct ancestors.......a great-grandfather.  Many of the names are cousin's, so I just chose to mark them, so I could easily tell between the many names.  This might be something you might consider.  It really does look beautiful and adds a wonderful layer of meaning  to your "Jane."

Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Visits & Some Quilting Too!

We have been enjoying a couple visits from our kiddos and grands in the last week.  #2 daughter surprised us with a camping visit in a local park last week for several days.....she wanted to camp some more and hubby had to go back to work.....darn that work thing any way!  So she packed up the kids and pulled the camper over this direction for some cousin time! So lots of visiting going on and it was good to have them here before school starts for those kids later this week.

Then this last weekend #3 daughter and family came to our "cabin" for an overnight on Fri/Sat.  We happened to be gone on Friday for part of the day...... a loop through Cedar Rapids and Coralville.
"America Needs Farmers" Herky......all covered in seeds.  Sorry I didn't take a close-up, it was cool,  Coral Ridge Mall, Coralville.
So we were surprised when we got home that evening.  Enjoyed sitting out by the fire and had some toasted marshmallows....yum!   Stayed out there until it was late....beautiful evening and no bugs, at least by the fire.....or I would not have sat out there.  I am a fair weather kinda girl.....

On Saturday, this little sweetie turned 7......they are growing up too fast and I am not happy about that!
I have a chalk board outside our back door and I think a birthday girl erased my message and made her cute!

In between the coming and going, have been sewing on a couple projects.  I have spent my entire summer trying to clear off my cutting table and it is still not cleared off, but I have worked on quite a few projects that are in process.

Dear Jane continues always in the background....I try and do some quilting on it every day.  The top border is coming along nicely and should be completed soon.  The challenge for those that are working on this project for this week is block B-5 Hot Cross Buns.

I happen to quilt this block just this morning and a really big event happened.....I mean really BIG, HUGE.....almost drum roll worthy.  Humor me, just click on it....because you can!  I finished this spool of hand quilting thread and not all of it is in Jane, but most of it is.  I have had this spool for a long time, the price is $2.75 and there were 750 yards on it.....they don't make them that big any more.  That is a lot of hand quilting.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Displaying Little Quilts

I shot a few pictures on how I display some of my quilts.....I have them everywhere and I change them around often......but I make them to enjoy them!

This is a small cabinet with a glass front and is a great place to keep small pieces that are not currently out and being displayed.

This New Home treadle machine was my very first auction purchase, long ago, in Mt. Auburn, Iowa.....which is a spot on the map a few miles from my house.  It was a ladies estate sale and she had purchased the machine back in the day and I have the original bill of sale and booklet that came with the fun!  I bought a new belt for it and have sewed on it, but it has been quite awhile ago.  Since watching Bonnie Hunter recently, I have a hankering to do another project on it.  My Grandma Kullmer told me that her mother, Rose Weaver had a machine like it many years I thought that was a neat connection.

This quilt is called Chattanooga, I had pieced the top a few days ago and just got it machine quilted and bound.  I stitched it using the machine quilting stitch that my machine does.  I like the look of that and with all the seam allowances, hand quilting is not that fun really, besides I am busy hand quilting "Jane."

Like the tiny iron behind the machine?  Played with that at my Grandma Kullmer's.  She would heat it on the gas stove and I would iron hankies and I loved it.  Weird kid, I know, enjoying ironing.  I still don't mind ironing.

This little quilt is under glass on my sideboard in my dining room.  I change those things out every couple months.  Great place to serve food, but my things are protected by plate glass.  You know you can top any piece of furniture with plate glass, just take accurate measurements or a template of the top of your piece and take it to a glass place and they will make it for you. 

This tiny little piece is hanging above a doorway on a pegboard with several other pieces....use a cute hanger from the craft store and mini-clothespins.

A great place that I keep small quilts on and  change them out every couple months.

My dad made my mom and I one of these wall quilt racks quite a few years these.  So easy to change them out....I did this string piece as a model when I worked at a quilt show many moons ago.....loved that job!

I have quite a few packed into this corner, the small rack in the front is a wooden shoe rack with several pieces draped on it.  My doll bed from when I was a kid has a whole stack of small pieces in it and of course one laid on the table, with a few dolls around all decked out in their patriotic garb.

My Dear Jane is moving along....I did so-so on it this week....some blocks done is better than nothing.  Challenge for this week is A-9 Cabin Fever

Wishing you all a great weekend and maybe you will get some "Dear Jane" time in!!!