Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tea Party & Quilts

I recently was asked to speak at a Ladies Tea Party at Grace Fellowship Church.  It was a joy to be asked and was so fun to see and hug many sweet gals that I have known for years.  Always fun to share my love of quilting, love of all things vintage and weave it around treasures of the heart and our spiritual treasure in Jesus!

Each table had a hostess and set her own table and service for her guests!  This happened to be my place setting.  The china was Jan's mothers, a beautiful Noritake pattern.

A place card at every place!

I didn't get around to every here is a sampling.  They were all wonderful!

Loved the crochet tablecloth!

My kindred spirit, Jan!  We have been friends for decades.....I won't say how many, but we have a rich, diverse history.  And we just pick up where we leave off when we see each other, which isn't often enough.  My gift from her was this wonderful centerpiece.....minus the vase of flowers.  All these things she had especially picked out for sweet and special.  I have it all setting on my dining room table.....just as she had it here!  I will love you balcony friend!

These are some of the few quilts that I brought to share.  Those "ladders" came from my Grandpa Kullmer's garage when we were moving them out of the house on Chestnut St. in La Porte City.  They would have used them in their garden, for I am not sure what.  As soon as I saw them.....they had quilt display written all over them.  I have used them downstairs in "quilt world" ever since.

Loved the white tulip stem at every place.

Wonderful place mats with hat and gloves......just right for a tea party!

Oh, and the bunting with hankies to pick up your name tag.  Joyce greeted you as you arrived.  It was a pleasure to meet her! If you want to make a BUNTING for your next event check out this posting.

Sweet little pink roses were the theme here and what sweet little favor boxes for each guest!

Loved this with sequin covered Christmas ornaments arranged like a tree!  I love those ornaments.....have some of same ones on my Christmas tree and they fit right in with the pink roses! If you would like to see some of my Christmas decorations, check out this posting.

How colorful and beautiful!

Pink, white, delicate and sweet!

This floral china was gorgeous!  And the little favors had little butterflies in scenes that moved, so cute!

Love me some blue....all different place settings with yellow roses.  Perfect!

This is an old classic pottery pattern.....have always loved it.  So pretty and the centerpiece was wonderful too!

Thank you for including me in your special day.  The food was so cute and yummy, right down to the shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate that looked like a tea bag.  Complete with a string and tag!  Thank you ladies for ALL your work to make it a special time for everyone!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Kitchen Face-Lift Pt. 3......or not enough room in the corner for drawers

I love having my Easter decorations out.....after 2 weeks of rain and clouds at least inside my house feels cheerful and springy!  You can save this piece of clipart if you choose.  I would click on it and when it opens in a new window.  Right click on it and save it to your computer.

Back to the kitchen and what this posting is suppose to be about.  I know I got side tracked.....story of my brain. Partly why this has taken me so long to do, is I knew I took pictures of the things I wanted to post and every time I went to work on this.....I would look and look and look and could never find said pictures.  Grrrrrrrrr.........

So when I recently had a conversation with Jan and she asked me what happen to that.....I hung my head in epic fail position.....yea, I know, hasn't happened.  So I was off on Plan B, or C or lost count.

Here I thought I would make quick work of this and do a video instead of pictures.  Clearly didn't do that right because it spent most of the day processing the video.....need to evidently figure out how to make the file size smaller.  Here is the last of the kitchen update and I added in some of my Easter things at the end.  Enjoy!