Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Anniversary Silver Fox

We had another anniversary a couple weeks ago.  It was number 41......I can't hardly wrap my head around that!  Any way around Christmas time, I got an email from AQS with several kits for sale and one caught my eye.  Soldier's Story Quilt

So after the holidays were over I went back and ordered this kit and started washing the fabrics the minutes the box came into the house.  I had it in my mind to have it done by January 23.....our anniversary.  That was less than 3 weeks, but it is cold and terrible outside really.  So it was a nice focus when I couldn't do much else!

I worked on it while the Silver Fox was at work and luckily.....he is tired when he gets home and doesn't pay attention directly to what I am working on.  I didn't use my design wall like I usually do either.

By January 23, I had all the main components and blocks done.....I just needed to put the whole thing together.  I sewed 6-7 hours that day and got the whole top done.  It is wonderful and even looks better in person than I can capture on film.

Notice the blue toile with Civil War figures on it.....wonderful!