Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dear Jane & M-3.....moving slowly

I happened to remember the other day, I have never taken a picture of Jane after I machine quilted it in the ditch and bound it.  I really don't have the room to do it justice here.....

 I just could not get high enough to get it all in.....

 You can pick out the double pink ring....and the smaller yellow one.

 Love, love, love.....what can I say!

I added inked names of our ancestors and companies that fought in the Civil War, both Union and Confederate.  You can see some of those here.  I drew a star by those names that are direct descendants.

M-3 unquilted 
M-3 quilted

Tips for M-3

I try and quilt them as I can see them done from the original, but sometimes because of seam allowance and I fussy cut the fabrics for this block, so I didn't want to quilt through the center of the patches....I thought it would take away from the fabric pattern, so I did a lot more stitching in the ditch than I like to do....but it works and it is DONE!