Sunday, October 25, 2015

Vintage Hankie Display

A couple weeks ago......was pleased to attend a program at our local museum, the FFA Ag Museum on vintage hankies.  I was so glad I went. I am afraid I don't remember who the gal was that spoke, but she was engaging and her examples she brought were wonderful!  She had several large notebooks with sleeves that housed collections by states, styles, lace, patriotic, novelties etc.  They are historical time capsules in a small square of fabric.  They tell a story about us.

I have a couple children's hankies and I remember carrying them to church with my dime tied in a corner for my Sunday School offering.  I also recall when I had a cold and it didn't seem like the tissues we had then were all that great, so I would use the cloth hankies some of the time.....nicer on my nose.  My mother was a school teacher back in the day and hankies were popular gifts to receive from your students, so I have a small suitcase full of them from her.

There is a display case full of the best children's hankies, I have ever seen in one place.  They will be there for several more months.  Trust me.....these picture hardly do them justice.  Enjoy!!!



This was the oldest one in her collection.....a battenburg lace edge with an inked inscription c. 1850's,
I believe. 

This is one printed with Waterloo, IA buildings, probably from the 1940-1950.