Monday, August 20, 2012

Iowa State Fair

 We so enjoy the Iowa State doesn't always work for us to go every year.  But we always have a great time when we do go.  This year the weather was spectacular.....73....sunny.....balmy breeze.  If you have never been to the fair in Iowa...... you have missed a great experience.  I know it is rated one of the best in the USA, with good reason.

Looking down at some of the judged garden produce in the agriculture building.  

Hard boiled eggs on a stick........Egg Council booth were handing these out by the hundreds!!!!
Little Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts.....a fair favorite......these little suckers are  yummy!

The very famous butter cow, an Iowa State Fair tradition....people wait in line to see this up close.

We shared the day with a couple hundred thousand of our closest friends!!!

A chocolate moose was new this year....he is huge!!!!
The Silver Fox enjoying his ice cream cone.

The award winning pumpkin....933 pounds.  The farmers had to work harder to grow these this year with the lack of rain.

A bald eagle nest ......I always forget how big these things really are....not something you can see usually up close.
The Silver Fox always enjoys checking out the new John Deere's.  He is showing the part he used to machine when he worked at the Waterloo Tractor Works many years ago.

This model was priced about $230,000.  Unbelievable!!!  The bigger ones shown were $320,000.
They were judging horses that evening...... so amazing all decked out.
The tack, horses, wagons and riders are ALL gleaming!!!!

Lined up in the barns getting them ready to show.

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