Monday, April 22, 2013

Long Arm Quilting with Circle Templates

I made a video awhile back to put on my blog and of course, I know nothing about doing this.....let me repeat, I know NOTHING about doing throwing caution to the wind or however that saying goes.  I wrangled the Silver Fox to run the camera and away we went.  After about 45 minutes and several clips later, we still had no sound on the that took awhile to figure out.  Then finally got it done only to download on my computer and the files are HUGE.  So I finally am getting around to putting the clips together, which I must say was a cinch and adding credits.

I have it saved and it is compressed to go here goes nothing.  Really!!!  I will be stunned if this works the first time.  Long Arm Quilting with Circle Templates
I started to put the video right in my blog, but changed my mind and loaded it to Youtube instead.....let me know if this is working for you all and don't have high expectations either.....would love some feedback, if your fingers are not broken!!!!  :)


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Sheri, it worked..and you made it look so the way...your camera man did a great job, too!!!

:) Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Great video! Thanks for posting this.

Michela said...

Loved the video! What circle templates are you using? Where did you buy them? I would like a set also. TIA!!