Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Easter Is Past & Spring Has Finally Sprung

Well this is long overdue....as you can see.  I shot these a long time ago and between my health issues and some family health issues.....blogs and extra stuff get set aside.

Even though Easter 2013 is past, I thought I would go ahead and post my pics any way.  We are finally seeing spring-like weather here in Ioway!  It has been a loooong time coming.  

I am wanting to do a give-away some time soon.  When this blog reaches 50 google followers, I will do a drawing.  So if you just follow with your email, please consider signing in as a google follower, it is easy to do and makes writing a comment very easy.  I might even let you pick your gift, how would that be for fun!!!

 Chicks, bunnies, & eggs, oh my!

The ceramic bunnies, eggs, and chicks were made by both my grandma's.  Can you find the one with my name on it?

I have several dozen ceramic eggs from the grandmas, they are all so cute!  You can also see several cross stitch ones that I did many years ago.

I have been filling my grandpa's toolbox with more eggs, chicks, & bunnies.  The tins have easter puzzles in them for the grandkids to do.

Even more ceramic eggs on a deviled egg plate....lots of spring quilts on my ladder and Easter postcards.

I love vintage postcards, I bought this postcard collection book at an auction years ago....love to display them in this book!  We had all of our local family here for Easter and the grands had a great time hunting their eggs.  We had a great day just being together.

One of the three table-fulls we had set up for the day....I think the big kid fits right in!

This is my cutie patootie.....she is my girlfriend!  I miss her!

What a sweetheart and oh that beautiful hair!!!!

Then these two nuts....playing with the old glasses that are in the dress-up box....gotta love those faces!

Then we had entertainment.....

I love that boy.....he played the guitar for us too.....what a hoot!

This would make a cute little cupcake poke, if you printed out on cardstock half facing right and the other half facing left, cut them out and glue a toothpick between.  Very sweet!!!  Or a larger one stuck in a Easter basket....or a bunch of them on a garland or glued to the top of a place card on your Easter table or.........

Monday, April 22, 2013

Long Arm Quilting with Circle Templates

I made a video awhile back to put on my blog and of course, I know nothing about doing this.....let me repeat, I know NOTHING about doing this.....so throwing caution to the wind or however that saying goes.  I wrangled the Silver Fox to run the camera and away we went.  After about 45 minutes and several clips later, we still had no sound on the camera.....so that took awhile to figure out.  Then finally got it done only to download on my computer and the files are HUGE.  So I finally am getting around to putting the clips together, which I must say was a cinch and adding credits.

I have it saved and it is compressed to go online......so here goes nothing.  Really!!!  I will be stunned if this works the first time.  Long Arm Quilting with Circle Templates
I started to put the video right in my blog, but changed my mind and loaded it to Youtube instead.....let me know if this is working for you all and don't have high expectations either.....would love some feedback, if your fingers are not broken!!!!  :)