Wednesday, September 24, 2014

AQS Chattanooga 2014 & Dear Jane Challenge

This is for your pure you like cows?               

SRL-Yes I do

Do you know why you like cows?

SRL-No, don't really know why.  I think they are humorous....I like to watch them chew, that sideways jaw thing and the way they stand with they heads turned to the side of their bodies....kinda curious.

Do you have any cows?


Do you know anything about cows?

SRL-Not really, I do know they chew their cuds and they have more than one stomach, dairy cows have to be milked twice a day.......but I would have no idea how to take care of one.

Several years ago at the end of driveway and across the road, the neighbors had an area that cannot be farmed, grassy with some water running through it and they would run some cows in that pasture. It gave me a a fun reason to walk down and get the mail each day.  Evidently they liked to listen to me, because they would come up to the fence and listen and eat while I talked to them.  Saw a lot of chomping of grass, switching of tails and an occasional Moooo.  

But mostly just looking at me, probably wondering what is this woman saying any way and why does she keep coming back day after day?  And she keep blathering on about moo-knows what?  But I guess it gives us something to do every day besides eating and swatting bugs off our butts.

All of that to introduce these challenge quilts we saw at the Chattanooga show.....I forgot to photograph the challenge details.......but just enjoy & have fun. 

 I challenge you look at them without laughing out loud.

One more little might want to find the utters on these little dears....too good!

And for my vintage girlfriends still slugging out their Dear is your challenge for this week.

A great block to work on while watching football or a new pilot show this weekend.  :)  

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Dee W said...

These cows are so funny! Love them, some at other shows. And that maybe DeeDee's delight, but not for me! Missed you the other night. Maybe next month!