Friday, June 24, 2016

What's been coming off the long arm frame recently......

This was a finish from several weeks ago, but because it was a gift that had not been given yet.....I didn't want to spoil any surprise.  This was a wonderful project to be a part of and was given to a special graduate, a grandson of some friends of ours.

A little quilting close-up!

I did a photo label for the back of the quilt to convey the love that this quilt has for the giver to the receiver.  Sometimes quilts are more than just a couple layers of fabric with some batting in between.....this one is a tangible reminder of love from one generation to the next!

Here's a wonderful patriotic number that was so fun to do!  I can never get enough of these types of quilts.  Did a wonderful stars and flags pantograph over the whole top with red/white and blue variegated thread!  What's not to like!

The whole top.....

I have one opening in July for machine quilting.....if you are interested let me know!  

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