Thursday, September 29, 2016

Kitchen Face Lift Pt. 1

The kitchen face lift is coming along nicely.  It seems slow, but I think anyone who goes through a kitchen really can't be done fast enough, can it?

This was toward the beginning of the project....Jeff had to move a couple outlets and dad built this cabinet to house the built in microwave oven.

My dad has been tirelessly working on this for weeks.....bless his heart.  And it shows on all the details that he thinks about and then executes.  In that way it has been a hoot to spend an entire summer with my dad.....being his go-fer, extra set of hands and helping out in what ever way I can. He medium is wood, mine is fabric.  He can make anything!

I have dreamed of having my microwave built in for a long time.  That was several feet of counter top I would rather have over the microwave taking up that valuable space.

This was the night, right before we pulled out this classic!  That handle swings the door up and out, it kind of goes over the clock and the knobs and such.  Very funky!  This oven has cooked a lot of great meals over the years and fed hundreds of people for sure!

The wall oven was original when the house was built.  It worked fine except for the clock and timers.....those haven't worked in years.  And it was a small oven and didn't do very well if you had more than one thing in it.  So the new one seems huge to me even still, and heats up like a champ!  So far I have been very happy with it.  We even have a clock on it and timer......funny how the little things can make your life just a little bit better.

Before we could put in the new one we needed to change the hole slightly and check out the make sure we had room for all of that with the new one.

I thought I had better picture of just the new oven....but this shows the wall where we made the most changes.  Under the microwave was a desk area, that I really didn't use that much and dad built a cabinet to go under there, so I really gained about 6 ft. of counter space.  I love it!  That will be wonderful when the family is all here.  BTW, notice the pull out shelves, I have several of those now......let's just say I am a fan!

This was after we ripped out the old back splash and prior to the new counter top and my lovely refrigerator is on your way to the bathroom, bedroom or living room.  So convenient! This was about mid-August.

Jump ahead a couple weeks!  One small section DONE!  You can see a couple of the glass front cabinets and more pull out shelves.  Did I already tell you, I love pull out shelves!  Where have you been all my life?????  We did all of the doors first.....there are 56 doors in this kitchen.  Holy buckets!  Dad did a beautiful job on them!

The Silver Fox hasn't had a moment's rest either.....his punch list is on-going!  He has painted, wired, repaired & torn apart.  You get the idea!  But thankfully the end is in sight!

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Lee Prairie Designs said...

Looking great, Sheri! I bet everything will be completed before Thanksgiving! I am sure you will have a fun time in your new kitchen!

Hug's, Carolyn