Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easter Tree

Welcome to spring on this very rainy day in Iowa.  Unlike most, I enjoy cloudy days.....probably because I seem to be very light sensitive and have frequent migraine seems to be slighly less problematic on cloudy days.  Another reason I like cloudy days, I have several small lights and lamps through out my house that are on all the time and the house has a magical atmosphere during those days that are more gloomy.  It makes me happy. 

I have also been referred to on one of my quilting lists as "Our Lady of Perpetual Tree,"  in reference to a christmas tree that I have up year round and decorate seasonally.  I have done this pretty consistantly since the girls were in school.  The white twinkle lights look just as wonderful with easter and patriotic as they do with christmas.  I remember several times when the girls would bring their friends home with them who had never been to our house before and the tree always got a stop in their tracks and then a closer look before resuming their play and activities.  I am sure their parents heard about that.  Now the "grands" check out the toys, books, etc. that I have under the tree each time they come as I change that all the time.

Here are some trinkets on my easter tree, including a smocked egg far left and several cross stitched pieces.

I love the glass carrots and knitted chick vest.

Under the tree I usually have some puzzles and the Little People Easter Set by Fisher Price, books and stuffed bunnies.....all the things that the Grands can play with.

This is an Easter play book that includes a puzzle, matching game, an easter egg hunt and learning to tie a bow.  This are machine embroidered and I have done these for several holidays, very popular with the Grands.  The pages are put together with binder rings and LOTS of ribbon scraps tied around them.  I purchased these from My Fair Lady....

A cute chick....a Mill Hill beaded kit and a couple other fun items some boughten, some made.


Karen said...

I love your idea of leaving the tree up and decorating it seasonally!!! I've always wanted to decorate for each season, but have never pursued it. This might be a grand idea for me! Thank you for sharing, and I love the pictures!

Sheri said...

Thanks Karen for are my first!!! I used to keep up a full size tree, but several years ago, I bought one of those skinny trees after the holidays on clearance. I really like it better as it takes up less room and I can change it around from season to season fairly quickly.