Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hoppy Easter Quilt

Hoppy Easter Quilt

I have gotten this stack of fabric out every spring to do a fun Easter quilt and until this year always ended up putting it back in my cupboard because I didn't get to it.  So I was so excited to cut it out a couple weeks ago and then be able to hang it up totally finished  two weeks later.  It all started with the border fabric.  I am a sucker for vintage looking prints and pictorial fabrics.  Then getting them home and what to do with them is always the struggle.  Also having the right yardage when I finally do come up with an idea is either a stroke of luck or providence.  I found this pattern in a magazine and thought it might work, but really didn't have enough fabric to do the small square border, so instead of strip piecing that section.  I did it by cutting out squares and rectangles...... because I was hoarding fabric so I would be able to complete it.  Not exactly the easy way, but it worked.

Close up of the border fabric.....also showing the rick-rack in the binding.

I got to the binding and decided to add some vintage rick-rack within the binding seam.  I didn't have enough of one color to go all the way around, so I used orange, yellow and green.....blended well with the border fabric and the vintage colors are just unique hues, I can always pick them out vs. current shades.  So it was a good place to use some of my grandma's stash of trims.

A closer view of the center section. 
This was a very fun project and I am enjoying seeing it hang in my hallway.

When I was looking for rick-rack to use in the Easter quilt, I ran across this package of  "Prudence" green rick-rack.  I love this label.  I didn't have the heart to open it, so I tucked in a basket with some commercial patterns from the 40's.  I did think I should do a quality scan of it, so I could use it as a piece of sewing clip art.  :)

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