Monday, May 9, 2011

Scrap Buster Log Cabin

I have been working on this scrap quilt for a LONG time.  I started it while working at a local quilt shop, when I would have my work done, between customers.  These blocks are made with 1-1/2" strips in the traditional style starting in the center with a square and going around and around.

This top is not quite sewn together, but I have sections of it done into blocks that are 2 x 2.  I have been putting tops together lately in this manner, instead of doing them in rows.  I feel like I get less distortion that way and it seems like it is less bulky to handle.

I did the layout in Electric Quilt 7 and did several variations before choosing this one.  I have included my EQ file to share with those that have EQ7.  You are free to use this for your own personal use, but not for pattern resale.  If you want to share this on your blog, please link and give credit to this site.  I enjoy sharing my work, but ask that you respect my copyright. 

NOTE:  This link will only work for those that own Electric Quilt 7, if you have Electric Quilt 7 and this link does not work, please let me know.  If you do not own the computer program Electric Quilt 7, this file will not open for you.  As this is the first time I have linked to a file....I am hoping this link works correctly. Another learning curve in the land of blogsville.


Laura said...

Oh...silly me. You meant the EQ7 project link! Yes, it takes me right to your download. :O)

Sheri said...

Thanks, Laura....I am soooo glad this worked. So far it has worked for everyone that I have heard from. Good to know I can do this.

Margarita said...

thank You for the link, I really like your ideas.