Saturday, July 9, 2011

Still in Patriotic Mode

I wanted to do a few pictures of my patriotic tree before I take it down later this month.  A lot of the items have been gifts to me over the years.....some I have collected from travels and little "gifty" stores.  Others I have stitched and those are probably my favorites.  I keep my tree in the doorway between our kitchen eating area and our living it is like a night light in the evening that lights up the whole main part of the house.  I have it set on a timer so it goes off and on without any effort on my part.  I used to keep a full size tree up, but I bought this one several years ago at one of the local craft shops after Christmas.  It has a wooden tree trunk and is tall and skinny with pine cones glued to some of the branches.  Very quaint and it doesn't take quite as much room, but seems to handle all the weight of the ornaments......there are quite a few...... but I always say more is better.........

Here is Abe & George, that I stitched several years ago.  You can also see in most of the pics several red metal ornaments....those were all given to me by a dear friend.  The shiny tin Uncle Sam is very fun.  The little flag is just put together from printed flag fabric with a fusible webbing to secure it to a backing fabric.  I added some buttons and ribbon to make the hanger with the glue gun.  You could do this with any shape and make a garland type decoration.

This little stocking was done on Herta cloth I think...about 5-6 count and you use 6 strands of embroidery floss at a time.  There is a little patriotic Beanie Baby bear in the background....BTW.....I have a few of the seasonal type Beanie Babies that are very cute to decorate with....the last time I looked on eBay you could buy most of them very cheap.  You might want to check it out.  :)

The little Betsy Ross doll is a vintage Hallmark piece...maybe from the the bicentennial.  A quilt friend gave that to me and I love it.  Also I came across some red chandelier drops, so I added ribbons to them to hang.

The bunny with the heart and the log cabin were both gifts to me from quilt friends and the little crocheted medallion pin was done by my grandma....I added ribbon to hang it.

A patriotic angel is finished in a tart dish....also a Christopher Columbus ornament from Hallmark.  I usually check their patriotic ornaments each Christmas season and most of the time you can purchase those after Christmas on clearance.  :)  The little patriotic kitten is ceramic.

A sweet little patriotic angel that says ......
"Her little flag
She grandly flew
And cheered the
red, white and blue.

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