Saturday, December 10, 2011

Little Christmas Quilts

Thought you might enjoy seeing a few of my Christmas quilts or the ones that lend themselves to the spirit of Christmas.

The spinning star quilt was a swap with my quilt group......Cabin Fever.  I have been with this group for over 20 years.  To say these women are really good friends is an understatement.  We know each other well.  We each made 12 blocks and then shared them with one another.  Each block is one red star, but when you put the blocks side by side, they make the green stars as a secondary design.....I love these kind of designs they look way more complicated than they are.

I found several small Christmas quilts the other day and decided to swap out my small quilt wall.  Funny thing, the pieces I changed were almost identical in size to swap with.  That would never happen again without  major planning.....I did leave the Bear's Paw at the top, but the rest of them have a Christmas theme or color to them.  A couple were gifts to me and the rest I have done over the years.

This little Santa was done by my friend Betty, who moved to GA over 20 years ago.  I have very fond memories of our families together when our kids were little.  It is a very sweet..... running-stitched primitive Santa. 

This little piece was stitched by my Cabin Fever friend, Pam.....I love these Santa's.....cross stitched and pieced into this little gem with bells on.  :)
A couple more Santa pieces.....the chubby guys are hand appliqued and the other one is a simple block that I have at  times hung with a mini-decorative hanger and tiny clothes pins to display.  Very cute and easy to change out.

This one I hand quilted with metallic thread and wrote out part of the story...... Twas' The Night Before Christmas in the green border.

An early piece of mine done for a quilt challenge probably in the early 1980's.


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Wonderful vignettes!

Carolyn :)

Betty Anne said...

I had forgotten the little santa stitched quilt, but have those little santas still on my tree in red. I also have the pink chubby santa quilt you made me out every year. Such good memories, I enjoyed our like collections in the next blog of books, BS Aldrich, JW Anglund, Eloise Wilkin and others. Kindred spirits may move apart, but always stay close at heart! (I didn't mean for that to rhyme!) :)