Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reclaiming a Piece of Christmas Cross Stitch

I don't know about you, but every year as I put out my Christmas decorations and then put them away again, there are always items that need attention.  Some are an easy fix of glue or new hangers..... others require some more thought and effort.  Such is the case here...... 

 I stitched this piece probably 25 years ago and framed it with a piece of plain cardboard and no batting....big mistake.  Don't do this as the acid from the cardboard migrates to the fabric and discolors it.  So this piece has been lanquishing about in one of my storage tubs....not quite knowing what to do about it.

So Plan A.....I know I will tea dye it.....that should cover up the damage......

Steeping, steeping.....I used several tablespoons to hold it below the water and dye it evenly.

I rinsed it and laid it out to dry and wha-la.....the spots are NOT covered and the background is darker.

Plan B.....I will cross stitch snow flake and star shapes randomly over the discolored spots....
then that wasn't quite then the beading stash exploded all over my work table.

Plan C included the crystal antique looking beads and here is the final outcome.
Project reclaimed and all ready to display for next year.  YEA!!!
BTW,  like the crochet background?  A tablecloth that my Great-grandma Weaver is stunning. 

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