Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine Pillowcases

An easy bedroom change-up is new pillowcases.  I like to do seasonal ones, but you can do a more decorative look just to update your room, or your kids rooms in about an hour.  It takes one yard for each pillow case.

When using one fabric fold 4 1/2" inches across the width of the fabric at one end.  Then open out the fold you just pressed out and fold again along the fabric's folded edge, only right sides together.  Then stitch across the opposite end from the creased fold and along the side.

Then on the remaining open end with the fold line......fold the fabric along the creased fold line to make the pillowcase hem.  Stitch the hem, sewing close to the hem edge.  Turn the pillowcase right side out and press.

Check out the link below for my complete tutorial on making pillowcases with a lot more details and photos. It tells how to add a contrasting band to your pillowcase.

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