Sunday, March 4, 2012

Little Girls Name Bracelet

Here is a quick craft to do with almost any age girl that would like a little bling.  I have a craft box full of cheap beads and charms, etc., again thanks to my grandmothers.   I let her pick out what she wanted and helped her with the arrangement.  Using 7 strand beading wire........

she strung all the beads on, make sure you have a bead holder on one end to keep them from falling off the other end.  Or you will have a frustrated kiddo.

After she had got them all put on, I tried it on her wrist to see how we were for length, and we did have to adjust it some.  Then I add a claw and crimp bead on one end and a split ring and crimp bead on the other end to finish it like a nice bracelet.  Waa-laa!!!

A pretty excited 4 year old with her new bracelet that she had made herself!!!

NOTE:  You could also use elastic thread and string it and tie the ends into a know with a little glue on it for security.  This is cheaper, faster and adjustable.   I just happen to like a nice jewelry fastener better.

These ALWAYS go over big!!!!  Sometimes we match the beads to an outfit and do a necklace and bracelet....better yet.

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jelly andrews said...

Oh my! That’s really cute. And it is really perfect for her little wrist. Maybe this idea of making name bracelets would be a great mother-daughter bonding moment. It would surely be fun.