Saturday, April 28, 2012

Unplanned Blog Vacation

No, I have not forgotten about you and no, I hadn't planned on being gone so long.....I am sure you will find this riveting and compelling reading......

Have you even been in the break everything you touch mode.  I hope not for your own sake, sanity, and pocketbook.  (Oh that word so makes me think of my Grandma T., she always called her purse, a pocketbook, I digress.)

SALE--Vintage Purse / Chocolate / ALLIGATOR BAG

Me, not so latest conquests of sorts and in no particular order are as follows:

1.  Rear brakes on out of the van at home on a trip home from Cedar Rapids and thought my caboose was on fire.  Not quite this dramatic.....but stinky burning rubber smell.

2.  Then there is my new quilting machine which I have been messing around with since I got it several weeks ago...hence the trip to CR to get a part replaced on it.....see No. 1......It acted up again a week ago and that is strike 2.  The next time she will be since I threatened with taking her back she seems to be playing well with me.  We have a love/hate relationship at present.  I sense I am not done with this chapter as yet......more later.

3.  On to heating up my lunch the other day...... and the microwave stopped.  Then went on to discover that the plug ins did not work either on that wall.....after hunting in the electrical panel and not finding any breakers switched.....had to lug said microwave to another location to warm up my lunch.

The Silver Fox spent a better part of an hour figuring out that one plug in went bad (How this happens at 2 pm on some random day, I have no clue.)  with an electrical tester with one end missing and using a bare wire.  I mentioned something about replacing that and got this funny look from him.....
Fluke T+ Electrical Tester, EaI won't go there now.  Just so you understand, his does not look like the one pictured. 

Ozeri KA2A-W Kandle II eReader Light for Kindle
4.  Then there was my reader light that I have to read in bed or while we travel.  While we were gone to see our kids recently, I got it out right before bed, the light flashed momentarily and then never came back on.  After we got home the Silver Fox spent quite a lot of time (with the half baked electrical tester, I might add.) messing with that before he got it to work again.  Thank the Lord for him, because it would have been $25 in garbage.

5.  We HAD a small radio, DVD/CD and drop down flat screen TV in our kitchen and I kept getting the blue screen on it.  Sometimes you would turn it on and it would work for awhile and then go blue and finally it got so we never had a picture.  So the Silver Fox got to spend another AM trying to figure that out and some connecting part was totally the junk that went........I miss my TV in the kitchen......I liked to watch movies on it sometimes when I was cooking for the tribe......GONE!

6.  Moving on to my laptop and the fan was getting pretty noisy on it, so took it in and a replacement was ordered and installed.  Only to have the thing practically burn my lap a couple weeks later and then it would shut itself down whenever it felt like it.....handy I say.  So back to the repair shop for a return engagement only to find out some screw fell out and the fan was not functioning and they put in the wrong fan.  Had to wait 2 weeks while they found the right one.  So finally I have it back this week.
MSI FX420 001US - Core i5 2.3 GHz - 6 GB Ram

7.  Throw in a flat tire on the car, then something in the suspension broke too.

We have been painting.....hallway and kitchen/dining area done.

A trip to Chattanooga, TN to see our kids.


A job change for the Silver Fox.

Always the usual 2-4 migraines a week.......

You get the picture.....none of this "stuff" is earth shattering or important for that matter.....just irritating after a loooonnnnggg spell of it.

Morel of the story is:  If you have something that you need to get rid me.....I will make quick work of it.  It will be in the garbage before you put your head on your pillow tonight.

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