Monday, August 5, 2013

A Boar Pen to Summer Pool

This summer has been a blur....I've spent the last couple weeks trying to catch up and recover.  So hoping to catch up with a few postings in the coming days.  

I have wanted to take this boar pen down for several years. We put the pool here and could use the extra room.  So on a nice May day the Silver Fox dug in!

This is for you farm types....What is it?

I thought I knew pretty much every tool around here.  I did work in a hardware store for a time too.  So when the Silver Fox asked me to find this....I had no clue what he was talking off to find this needle in a haystack in one of the buildings.

 And this is what I come back with, all of these plus the one above.....which was the one he was looking for.  And we used most of them.  Now just so we are clear, I pulled nails and was the resident "go fer"......the silver fox did most of the work. What a guy!  

 Does this give you any hint as to what he was using it for?

 It's coming down.....

There goes the framing from the roof.

 The side and back came down pretty fast.....down to pulling the last of the nails.

So what was the tool?

I will try describe this....a video clip would be better....that ridged part of the handle slides back & forth to the bump on the handle. The end on the left has a set of pincher like teeth.

The silver fox puts the pincher teeth as close to a nail head as he can get it.....then rams that handle back and forth with his right hand on the bar, until you get the teeth around the nail head. Then he uses the bar coming off the pincher end as a crow bar to pull the nail out of the wood.  Handy little widget really!!

Now there's piece of knowledge you didn't have when you got up this morning!

Pool all set up and ready for a hot day, which we have not had in 2 weeks.   The extra room on the cement pad is great.  FYI.....we started putting the pool on those interlocking foam floor pads several years ago, (I get mine at Sam's Club) it helps with the unevenness of the concrete and we haven't had to patch the bottom hardly at all since we started using them.  It is much softer for the kids when they play in the pool too.

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