Monday, August 12, 2013

Inspiration From the Iowa State Fair 2013

We so enjoy going the the Iowa State Fair and this year was no exception.  The weather was stellar which made the crowds exceptional.  The spiral potato chips and rib on a stick went down nicely too!  Had to bring home a bag of cotton candy too.....that's gone!!!!

I mostly took pics of machine quilting designs for my MQ notebook.  I need ideas when I have a new quilt in my frame....maybe you will find something that inspires your next project too!

I was mainly looking for quilting designs that fill a certain space....

Wonderful border!

This is a wonderful the border fabric!

The 4-H building is always a good source of ideas and inspiration!

This is garden hose and electrical ties fashioned  into a basket....genius!

How about an upside down stool made into a portable gift wrapping station!

Love wooden advertising yardsticks!

Cute little bench!

Great clock!

I call them Gertrude & Hecliffe....I think I need a pair of them!

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