Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dear Jane K-1.....Crooked Creek

Well, I am having horrible internet issues this morning.....not sure if our router is not working or Wild Blue or what.  Most irritating.....so I will be lucky to get this posted!!!

Dear Janers, 

My challenge to you this week, is block K-1.

  I also would suggest to you, if you haven't already done so, take some time and do a seam allowance check, especially if you are not doing these blocks by foundation piecing.  I recently did this again while working on another project.  I just wasn't that happy with how some units were fitting together.  So took the time to make some adjustments on my needle position and stitched out some samples.  I have a Viking Designer 1 and I set my needle for straight stitch with the needle in the far right position, then moved it 2 clicks to the left to be set at 5.0.  On my machine I found this to be much closer to a scant 1/4" seam, than the built in 1/4" seam setting or the 1/4" foot.  So if you are just not quite happy with how your patchwork is fitting together.....take the time to do this.  I promise it will make your work cleaner and a lot less effort to fit together.  Especially on these tiny blocks.....so if you blocks are shrinking....I would highly encourage you to spend the effort....you will be glad you did!

Crooked Creek K-1 unquilted
Crooked Creek K-1 quilted

I am always so amazed at how the hand quilting transforms a block from good to excellent.  I love the texture and depth it adds.  I am trying to do a block/triangle a day.....I don't quite make every day, but am making progress.  Hopefully by giving you these challenges, it will help spur you on in your Dear Jane journey!

Here is a little back ground history 150 years ago this week.


marian said...

Thanks for another DJ block challenge, Sheri.. i'll make a start on it tomorrow :)) cheers... Marian

judyquilts said...

I got distracted by L-3 , but plan to prep K-1 tomorrow. It should be fun.
Judy in MO