Monday, March 3, 2014

Dear Jane L-1

Anyone on the Small Quilt Dear Jane list up for a challenge this week?  If you have not already done that block.  I will be quilting mine.  Tips for L-1

I am posting pictures on my blog because I can't access that in any of my Yahoo Groups. So irritating......

Another one bites the dust!  Yea!


Greta said...

It's beautiful!

Louise said...

So glad you have your blog to post your Dear Jane blocks. This morning I appreciate your advice on fine tuning the needle position for the 1/4" seam allowance.
I belong to 5 yahoo quilt related groups, all of which I am unable to access anything beyond the messages, I have tried all the suggestions of resubscribing and also emailing yahoo for "help" to no avail. I have belonged to these groups for a number of years. It now requiring too much time to access anything. Again, I would like to thank you for your blog/photos.