Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Jane Progress

I am so excited today to be in blogland with fiber optics for the first time.....yea!!!  We have noticed a wonderful improvement in our service.  It has been too long in coming, so hoping a lot of my computer frustration will be eliminated because of it.

I have kept at my Dear Jane nearly every day even though I haven't been writing about it.  I have completed 2 of the borders, right and left sides and have quilted 2 blocks in on both of those sides too.  I am currently working on the bottom border and blocks.  I love the look of each block when they are finished, so that helps to keep me motivated.

I recently received news that a dear friend of mine does not have long on this earth.....her name is Jane.  And a sweetheart she is.  So while I am quilting I spend part of that time praying for her, her husband and family. I am always taken by how our quilts take on lives of their own....people, places, memories are packed into these threads and take us back to those times.  So my quilt is writing it's own story to include my friend, Dear Jane.

Here are the challenge blocks for this time....... I foundation pieced all of these.

L-4 St. George's Cross
M-2 Duff's Bluff
M-4 Stepping Stones

This block reminds me of our visit and time spent at Stones River.  If you have not heard of this battle, check out the link.  The rocks and terrain are nothing like I had ever seen and then they are moving soldiers, horses, cannon over these rocks......unbelievable!

Slaughter Pen, Stones River Tennessee

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