Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dear Jane, M-7, M-8 & M-10

I am having decent progress and have finished all the triangles on the bottom of the quilt, have a few more squares on that side before moving to the final edge which is the top.  I have used my time quilting to pray for my friend, Jane and her husband and family.  Jane went home to be with the Lord last Saturday, I don't have words for my feeling of loss.  She was a sweetheart and will be dearly missed by those who knew and loved her.  I don't mourn for her, but mourn for those of us who are left behind.....I am so grateful for the day we spent with her, just a few days ago and hold those moments and memories close in my heart.  She is now woven into the story of my quilt as she lived her final days with us.  I love you, Jane and praise the Lord for allowing me to share in a part of your life.

I have three blocks to challenge you with this time.....all from the row M, as that is where I have been quilting lately.....

Do you like the inking on this block?  I added all the names from our families that fought during the Civil War to my quilt. We both have family members who fought for the North and the South and we also represent the picture of "brother fighting brother."  As we have some from the same family on opposing sides.  This name does not have a star beside it, so he is not a direct descendant, but probably an uncle or brother of one that is.  Jacob happens to be from my side of the family and fought for the Confederates.
Here is a little history lesson on the 13th Regiment and oh, to personalize it and realize my family was there and lived through that horrific time.

There's a simple one for ya!

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