Thursday, June 11, 2015

Abraham Lincoln.....150th Anniversary of His Death

In April we traveled to visit #4 daughter and family in Chattanooga and we were able to piggy-back a couple of other stops in between home and Tennessee. Those Civil War Anniversaries were winding down in April and one of the last ones was the death of A. Lincoln.  We spent some time in Springfield, IL on our way home and they were gearing up for "the funeral to end all funerals,"  the following weekend......their words not mine.

The Lincoln home is wonderful to visit, if you have not been there.  We have taken this in several times over the is always wonderful.

One of the more riveting stories related to Lincoln's death is the discovery of the only known photo of him lying in state that was discovered by a 14 year old boy in the 1950's.  Lincoln Casket Photo
Because I have a hankering for all things historical and seem to have a fondness for all things Lincoln too.  I get these ideas that come to about a silhouette of Abe to commemorate his life.  This is what I ended up with.....

 But like everything I work always evolves in layers before it is done!
Also the pictures are not my best, between the glare of the glass and the white ribbon....I wanted you to see all the details, because those are the fun things.

Abe Lincoln Pattern

I found a side profile of his face and traced it onto some counted cross stitch graph paper.....then I stitched it out on 18 count cross stitch fabric using color #3371 DMC floss (a brownish-black).  Note:  I did not add the wording under his face like I have shown on the pattern, I started it and did not like left it off.

 I had finished the cross stitching on the trip and when we decided to make a stop at about perfect timing!!!  I knew they would have some tourist type things that might work to finish this up and make it wonderful!

I was not wrong....I ended up with this pin.....would be a great finishing touch!

I love the signature on the white ribbon and I liked the pin too.
I didn't end up leaving it like I bought it, but that's OK....I loved the way it turned out.

Lincoln Library Gift Shop
This gift shop has awesome stuff.....they do a great job a merchandising!  And of course it is hooked to the Lincoln Library & Museum.....which is NOT to be missed.  We spent several hours there to see it all.  You need to take time to see all the special exhibits besides the 2 shows they run each day!  They are wonderful and leave you trying to figure out what was real and what was not????

 I found the frame at the local antique shop in her basement....where all the junky stuff is.....perfect price and perfect size!  Added the pin at the top and the signature ribbon on the bottom.  Done and ready to hang!

 It looks pretty nice next to this small civil war sampler quilt...I have added lots of pins from the Civil War sites we have visited.  A great place to use them and see them!

 This piece has lots of Civil War images in the fabrics....tried to make really good use of that.  This quilt is from Temecula Quilt Company and was freebie called the 12 Days of Christmas.  Very fun little quilt to do!

 In case you might want to see close-ups.....I always do!


Ruth said...

Your civil war quilt is wonderful! I love the pins you put on it. I went to Lincoln's home years ago and would love to go back. I too am very interested in all things historical and have read many historical novels about the civil war. I also have a civil war quilt which I made with Barbara Brackman's blocks of the week in 2010 and it has the same border fabric as yours does!

Anonymous said...

I love this little quilt! My hubby and I will be near Springfield in September. Since coming across this post, I have done a bit of research on area and I think I may have to persuade him to stop! Looks like lots of interesting things to do there.