Friday, June 19, 2015

Graduation Quilt

My last project was completed about 3 weeks ago for our first grandson's HS graduation.  I can't speak for Poppo.....but Mommo had a hard time wrapping my brain around that and I am most likely still in denial.  There is something about the are never fully prepared for whatever it is and once that event has passed by.....the dominoes start falling because that means the rest are coming behind.  No matter what stage of life you are in.

He gave us our names....I had it all planned out....there were a lot of grandparents when he was needed names to keep everyone straight.  So I gave it some thought....I wanted cute, fun, I came up with Opa & Oma.....a German variation for Grandpa & Grandma.  We are both pretty much all German descent.....cute box, fun box, & unique box..... all checked.

I signed the cards that way, we referred to ourselves that way....BUT then the boy started talking and he didn't say Opa or Oma.  He flipped it around to say Poppo & there you go.....we have been Poppo & Mommo ever sense.  So much for planning ahead!

But the boxes are all still checked!
Where did the time go?????  

I think I can safely say he will be thrilled beyond measure that I am blogging about him....but I will try and restrain myself from being annoying and over the top gushing about the boy....but honestly....really....proud....and happy for him!!!

After I finished my dad's birthday quilt and then a quilt of valor quilt for our friend.....I had this graduation date now it is mid-March, graduation is the end of May and we were gone 1 week in April to TN.  And then unfortunately I always have to factor in my migraine days.....blick! 

 I needed some guidance from Mr. Gabe and needed to get cracking. I had not one thing cut and the clock is ticking.....  So once he gave me some colors and what he would like and what he didn't care for.  I settled on Easy Street by Bonnie Hunter.  I was sure I had taken some pictures of the patchwork cut out, because I cut patches forever..... off and on during a whole week.  I had piles of you think I can find those pictures? nothing!  Maybe I took those pictures in my dreams.

I had a couple weeks of sewing before our trip to Chattanooga, which was so timely.  My brief stop in Paducah yielded my backing and borders in the clearance at Hancock's.  Can you believe a batik 120" remnant for the back of an 100" x 100" quilt for $35?  I was thrilled!!!  Came home from the Tenneesee trip and sewed some more.  But finally got it finished......a lot of piecing.

I had to take it out for a little show and tell to my guild meeting.  This lighting doesn't show the gray lines in it.  Total scrap and I couldn't tell you how many fabrics....many!

 I made a pillowcase for him to store it in when it is not on his bed.

A close up of the quilting and some of the fabrics.

So much fun to present it to him!

Added a special label too......may it wrap you in our love, God's protection and guidance in the years ahead.  

Love you always!
Poppo & Mommo


Ruth said...

Wonderful quilt for your GS! And I do understand - where does the time go? Our first GD is getting married this August - how can that be? She's too young (but older than when I had her Dad)! It is great to see them grow up in the right direction, though.

Kurt Schindler said...

A wonderful quilt and a very special story. How lucky for you that you were able to share this special event with him.


Susie Q said...

Wonderful label. Those Bonnie quilts are great and a lot of work but will be of interest for years and years. Well done