Wednesday, April 20, 2016

FFA & Ag Historical Museum Quilt Display

We have a unique museum in our little town of La Porte City, IA that was started by a local FFA teacher, Ron Borton.  Over the years he had many of his students work on projects and displays.  And what started in an old firehouse/jail has grown into another building, which most recently housed the Spahn and Rose Lumber Co.  Over time there have been many local volunteers who have worked to make this place a gem!  It houses many pieces of local and rural life history and you would not be disappointed if you took the time to stop by.

They recently opened for the 2016 season and are displaying a nice collection of quilts, some belong to a local collector and the rest are part of the museum's collection.

I stopped in today and took a few pictures of some of my favorite pieces.

There are several baby quilts displayed and most are appliqued and embroidered.

Also included in this display are many fine sewing machines and cabinets.

Notice the hand cranks!

This is probably my favorite piece.  It is one of the older ones and the quilting is wonderful!

Chips and Whetstones

This is a lovely strippy scrap quilt.....1930's

All in solids!  Looks very modern, doesn't it?

Another one of the older pieces and the quilting is excellent!

An Ocean Waves....

Love this one!

This Singer and cabinet is just awesome!

Early sewing machine

This is a Davis cabinet......wonderful inlaid wood.

The coffin top for the Davis machine.

Look at this "sweetheart" of a thread and needle box!

Here it is with the lid shut.....wonderful!

There are several crimpers on display.

Another really early machine and it still sews!

Then there is this killer still my beating heart!

The FFA & Ag Museum is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10-4 or by appointment.  They are located at 408 Main Street, La Porte City, IA
Contact Jan for more information:  319-342-3619
This display will be up until mid-November.


Dee W said...

This is a must see for me! Thanks Sheri!

Linda said...

Is there a cost for admittance?