Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Long Arm Quilting.....Recent Finishes

I have slowly been putting the word out that I will do quilting for hire.  My goal is to do a couple customer pieces every month. And for the most part I  have had pieces coming in pretty steady since last fall.

If you are interested in hiring me to machine quilt your top, just let me know.  My email is    At this time I am only doing pantographs and am charging 2.5 cents per square inch with a small additional fee for thread and you provide your own batting.  I have quick turn around times, usually less than 2 weeks.

At this posting I have openings in May.....

This was a recent finish of one of my mother's quilts.  This was all done with rulers and turned out quite nicely, although it was hard to get a good picture of the quilting.

This shows some of the rope or cable border.....I have a special ruler that does that quite nicely.

Mom did a nice job on this the scraps and the black just makes it pop.

There is all the quilting on the back!  It turned out very nicely.

This was a cute scrappy alphabet quilt I did for a customer, unfortunately you really can't see the quilting, but it was done with an all over alphabet pantograph design.  I didn't take a very good photo to show that off. 

Here is a sample of the panto I used.

Here is the last quilt I took off the frame for a customer......this pantograph lays down some nice texture.

The big picture view!

Let me help you finish that stock-pile of quilt tops!

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