Friday, May 20, 2016

Lucky Friday the 13th of May, Kimmy Brunner and Susan Branch Pt. 1

I have not been much of a believer in luck......more of "the Lord knows my path" kind of girl! But last week I had an unbelievable kind of day on Friday the 13th no less, which is kind of amusing. 

The story starts on Thursday the 12th, which happened to be the Machine Quilting Showcase in Cedar Rapids.  I had planned to attend one of the days to buy supplies for my long arm machine.....thread & pantographs.  The day really hadn't started that well, as I woke up with a migraine and was really not feeling good, but the Silver Fox had his day off and this was the day to go.....on our way to CR, I had mentioned to the Silver Fox that I really should have signed up for a couple classes on my long arm, when this event is so close to us and there would be no hotel $$.  My hesitation is ALWAYS my head......yuck!

I was so glad he could drive me that day, so I least I didn't have to deal with that...but luckily by the afternoon I started to feel much better.

Nothing like trying to make decisions when you head is about ready to not fun!  But fortunately it was better and I could enjoy looking at all the designs and colors and make some good least that was my plan.

We were about ready to leave and the Silver Fox had wanted me to go look at this board that said something about classes that they had posted.  So I wandered over there to look, there was this slip about a free class the next day on templates.  I grabbed it and took it to the registration desk to found out the story.  Someone had purchased it and had to leave early and wanted her space to be there you go.

I was going to a class on using templates, which I could use a lot more help with designing with templates and it was with Kimmy Brunner, even better.....a national teacher I knew and had bought and done her class on Craftsy.  Machine Quilting With Templates 

So I was pretty excited as we headed home Thursday.

I was so grateful to wake up headache free on Friday AM and here are a few of my pictures from the workshop.  It was a lot on how to divide a space....probably one of the best workshops I have ever taken.  Excellent stuff!

Making a braided border.

Using the ruler and going from point to point and stitching a secondary design.

What do you stitch on a dresden plate?

Why this of course.....

Adding the look of a dahlia.......this was gorgeous.

Stitched out and pretty much no marking!

Another example.

Look at this background fill.....very modern, but unbelievably easy!

One of Kim's quilt with the dahlia stitched on it!

Look at that killer border.....just divided the space and used a circle to go from point to point....awesome!
 As I drove home in the rain little did I know this was just the beginning of my "Lucky Friday the 13th" day!

To be continued......

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