Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Watching YouTube and What Does That Get You?

I have quite a time getting to sleep at night.....this is not a new development.  I am pretty much down to taking medication, which I had resisted for a long time.

Even taking something, it still takes me awhile and my recent bedtime thing is watching YouTube on my tablet.  Now I know what the experts say about watching TV or computer screens....don't care this seems to work and I am learning all kinds of things.

What started all of this was getting my new Cricut Air.....let's just say this is one fun little toy!
It cuts, yes....but it scores and writes.....and that is just the beginning. 

I figured out pretty quickly, it wasn't like my old one and I needed to learn the Design Space program, so I started trolling for YouTube videos, which has been great.  I have been able to crank out a couple projects pretty quickly, which is what you want to be able to do.

Here you can see some card parts for a recent birthday card.  The "eat cake" and the sentiment were printed by the cricut.....did you get that.  And the sentiment is placed exactly on the banner.....whooo hoo!

Here is what the inside of the card looked like.....

Added a little stamping on the front....

Then added the cut out with some pop dots to raise it up and inked the edges too. 
Here is the file I am sharing with you, I am an Access member, so all the images I used were free.

Now here is an Anna Griffin design.....a frame for my granddaughter's prom picture.
The cutting is amazing!

Here I am taking it off the mat, I haven't quite cleaned it totally up.....most of the pieces fall right out.  It is beautiful.

I have decided I like YouTube, so much, I am going to give it a whirl.  So did a little maiden voyage...I will show you what I am doing with this frame among some other little treasures I have found recently.  What do you like to watch on YouTube?

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