Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day 2012

The other day we took a day tour with my parents, so dad could show us all the places where his family lived. We spent all of our time in Tama County, around Traer, Clutier, Vining and Dysart.

We stopped in to see his Uncle Ernie in Traer.....we knew he could tell us all the places Grandma Weaver had lived in Traer.  And she lived in a lot of houses and moved often.  If she could make some money by selling and moving, she would do it.  Ernie is the last remaining sibling of the Weaver family and he is a wealth of information and remembers it all, in his 97th year.  He is a treasure to talk to and reminds me so of his sister, my Grandma K.....Dad's mom.  We had lots of questions and he had ready answers for most of them.

We spent quite a bit of time in various country cemeteries....places I had never been.  This stone is written in Czech.  My dad's Grandma Weaver came to the US when she was 3 years old from Czechoslovakia.......her parents are buried in this cemetery.  Dad remembers staying with Grandpa Peter and Grandma Rose Weaver one time and they were talking and soon the tone of the conversation changed and they started scrabbling in Czech....and he knew something was not right......there was a problem.  :)  But he never knew what it was.  

 This cemetery is outside of Vining.....which is a spot in the road....Dad and Mom looking for the right markers. 

Happy Father's Day, Dad.  Thanks for the great day the other day.  I learned several things I did not know.  Thank you for your love and support over the years and your willingness to always help when I need it.  You are dear to me!!!

I love you always,

Your Daughter

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