Friday, June 8, 2012

Party Time Chap. 1

We have had lots of company lately....a couple weeks ago, our daughter and her husband graduated from the University of Northern Iowa on the same day.  They had both done some of their schooling several years ago when they were first married and like a lot of couples, the children starting coming.....4 to be that put a halt to that plan for a time.   Recently, with help from the GI bill because of our son-in-law's service in Iraq.  They were both able to complete their degrees.  Yippee, skippy!!!!  So the Silver Fox and I wanted to celebrate their accomplishment.

I have a little primitive cupboard sitting on my kitchen counter is filled with mini's and I changed the alphabet blocks to say the kid's names.

When I do a party, I like to do simple, with special, personal touches to the honored guests.
I have a sideboard in my dining room that I had a plate glass top specially cut to fit it.  Just so I could lay flat items under it.....I had Sara give me some of their special remembrances from the past weeks to use.

I took the cover from the graduation program and cut up the pages with the kids names in it, stamped it and included a photo or two and draped their tassels over them.

This is a fun idea if you like to do scrapbooking and have those supplies any way.  Put together a traditional scrapbook page and then to display them for a party.  Go to the craft store and buy frames that fit 12x12 inch pages.  The glass pops off the front and you can hang them on the wall or display them in a pretty stand.  Then when you are done with them, take the pages out and put them in your scrapbook.  Easy peasy!!!!

This is the back cover of the program and a couple more nice pictures from the day.

About 10 days before the party, I scored a free photo book on Shutterfly, so I slammed out one of those and prayed it would come in time and thankfully it was in my mailbox when I had to have it.  They are so fun and always appreciated.

I really had no plans to make a centerpiece for the table, since I had planned on more of an open house type venue.  But I was walking past my "floral tree"........I will explain that another day....another story.  Here I had a bunch of purple & gold flowers.....then I have a pile of baskets ready to fill and give away.  So in a few minutes, I had a simple, fun arrangement, that Sara can have and enjoy and when she gets tired of it outside on her patio.  :)

Sara and Shane enjoying the celebration.

Texas Caviar

One of the recipes I served that day was Texas Caviar....let's just say right now.  Yum! Yum!  My good friend Normajean introduced this to me....and I will tell you right now.  I am not that excited about beans, but they don't taste like beans.  I took one bite of this and became instantly addicted to it.  I can say at the party that those that had never had it......had the same experience and they have been begging and waiting so patiently for me to get this posted.  So here you go and enjoy!!!

1 cup sugar
3/4 cup cider vinegar
1 Tablespoon water
1/4 cup salad oil
Pepper to taste
Mix.  Bring to a boil and cool well.  (You can even put it in the refrig to speed it up.) 

1 can black eyed peas
1 can black beans
1 can white shoe peg corn
Rinse and drain the above.

1 small jar pimento, chopped and drained
1 small jar green chilies, chopped and drained
1 small green pepper, chopped
1 small red onion, chopped
Mix all of the above.
Pour dressing over all.

Serve with Fritos Scoops

I love to serve them in nacho trays that you can buy at Sam's Club with a small compartment for the Texas Caviar and a larger compartment for the Fritos.

I think it is better if you make it a day ahead or at least 1/2 day for the flavors to blend.


Dee W said...

Yes, that Texas Caviar sounds great! It'll go in my recipe file. And I know that you are the "Hostess with the Mostest!" Congratulations to a couple of Great Graduates!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

I will have to try this...will be great for the 4th of July!

Congratulations to your graduates!!

xx, Carolyn