Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cabin Fever Friends

Sorry about the gap at the top, for some reason, I can't seem to get rid of it.  In my editing screen, I am at the top, but when it posts.....I've got all this space....I apologize.

Tonight my Cabin Fever quilt buddies are coming....oh what to make....when cooking is increasingly not my thing.  I spent a few minutes combing through a few cook books and entertaining several ideas.  I finally came up with Poppyseed Bread baked in my flower Nordic pan, a Mother's Day gift from one of my girls several years ago.  This recipe is from my friend Betty. She shared it will me many years ago and it has been a family favorite ever since.

Need to start with beating 3 eggs together.

Do you have any of these?  I keep one in my flour tin and another one in my sugar tin, then you can scoop out what you need or using the markings you can measure as well.  Very fun, you may need to get a couple of these, when you are out antiquing.

Here is the batter all mixed up with all the ingredients together, except for the sugar glazing.  You will mix that later.  It is a fairly runny batter.

I don't think I have ever shown you where I keep my mixer.....love, love, love this cupboard. It has these special springs and brackets on the side, so it swings up and locks in place like it is, I do move my rug underneath while I work, because "stuff" happens.  Then when I am done mixing, I pull the latch and it swings right back down into the cabinet.  If you ever re-do your kitchen.  I would get me one of them again in a heartbeat.  Very nice! 

Here is the topping mixture all ready to drizzle over the bread, hot from the oven.

Don't they look yummy right out of the oven.....

I had some batter left over so I filled a mini loaf pan.

If you use one of those Nordic pans, you will need to turn the little flowers out and you might need to trim the bottoms, so that lay flat.  I can't tell how good the kitchen smelled while I was drizzling them with the sugar glaze.

Karan, Helene, Dee & Mary.....love my besties!!!

Well doesn't that look yummy, wished I could have ate one too!  But glad my friends liked them!
Poppy Seed Bread Recipe Card 

If you print this out on card stock, it should be ready for your recipe box.


Lee Prairie Designs said...

YUMMMMM! Thanks for the recipe as I will be attending a 2 day--- day time quilting retreat Friday and Saturday and they will all love this Poppy Seed Bread~~~

Looks as though your friends were pleased with the treats you made for them, too!

Hugs, Carolyn

Betty Anne said...

I just made these last week and shared the recipe with a friend. So moist and yummy. Fun memory of when we lived in the same neck o' the woods!

Anonymous said...

Always LOVE going to Sheri's house and not just for the wonderful dessert! Thank You for another wonderful evening, my friend.