Friday, July 11, 2014

4 Patch Doll Quilt & Dear Jane Challenge

The last 10 days have been a whirlwind around here....lots of company....friends and family!

The good news is the house is all quiet.  :)

The bad news is......the house is all quiet. :(((

There is a part of me that loves the quiet, normal pace of life, but there is another part that misses the kids and conversation.....those cute saying's........the giggling.....all the fun!

We did scrapbook pages, read some books, they played a lot with cousins, so a lot of coming and going. But the Chattanooga bunch is on their way home today and we are left with memories of good times, till we are together again.  Safe travels sweetie!!!

Right before the fourth of July, I made a small 4-patch doll quilt.

So fast and so cute.

I had seen several pictures on one of my Yahoo Groups that I belong to for Kathleen Tracy's SmallQuiltTalk. This quilt is in The Civil War Sewing Circle by Kathleen Tracy.

One can never have too many patriotic quilts....this one is slightly patriotic, but not a screaming eagle.


See if you can pick out what makes this quilt patriotic at all?

Oh I need to tell you, while I was stitching this, we were in a tornado warning on that Sunday night, so while I was waiting that out, I was piecing the top.  The next afternoon....same drill....... honestly!  Headed right for us.....  so I was machine quilting this little beauty during that one!  We were blessed with no damage here, thankfully for this go around and I got a quilt done while I was praying and trying to channel my nervous energy!!!

I used my Viking Designer 1 and did the hand quilting stitch for some of the quilting and then used a wavy line and finished the rest of it.  It is fun to play around with the special stitches on your machine if you have don't neglect all those buttons, you paid for them!

I have a thing about fussy cutting fabric and tucking them into my to do that and I mixed two red for those center squares, some fussy cut, some not.

It's at home on my porch under the cannon!

Where else would you put a patriotic doll quilt on the 4th of July?

BTW, I would love to get a fake cannon for the Silver Fox.  It would go nicely with the civil war fence we have behind our garden.  But I digress.......for now this will have to do.....sigh.  

My Dear Jane Challenge blocks for this week are L-5 and M-5.....I just quilted them this morning and my bottom edge and both sides are completely quilted.  I am quilting all the triangle borders and two blocks in on each edge. 

I will be starting the top edge next.

It is great to feel a sense of accomplishment as you keep on, keeping on......finally meeting a goal you have set, even if it takes you 14+ years to do it.  Ha!!!    

You that are working along with me are doing great, even if you are not keeping up, but do a block once in a is still progress. I know there are times when life gets in the way......hence my 14+ years, but I am still working and AM getting this baby DONE!  So slow is still progress....... 

A shout out to Cathy in Arizona, who just finished her block flimsy and is moving on to the triangle border!!!! I celebrate with you, I sooooo know that feeling and you gals are doing so much better than I did.

Have a great weekend and try and get some Dear Jane time in!

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