Friday, July 25, 2014

Displaying Little Quilts

I shot a few pictures on how I display some of my quilts.....I have them everywhere and I change them around often......but I make them to enjoy them!

This is a small cabinet with a glass front and is a great place to keep small pieces that are not currently out and being displayed.

This New Home treadle machine was my very first auction purchase, long ago, in Mt. Auburn, Iowa.....which is a spot on the map a few miles from my house.  It was a ladies estate sale and she had purchased the machine back in the day and I have the original bill of sale and booklet that came with the fun!  I bought a new belt for it and have sewed on it, but it has been quite awhile ago.  Since watching Bonnie Hunter recently, I have a hankering to do another project on it.  My Grandma Kullmer told me that her mother, Rose Weaver had a machine like it many years I thought that was a neat connection.

This quilt is called Chattanooga, I had pieced the top a few days ago and just got it machine quilted and bound.  I stitched it using the machine quilting stitch that my machine does.  I like the look of that and with all the seam allowances, hand quilting is not that fun really, besides I am busy hand quilting "Jane."

Like the tiny iron behind the machine?  Played with that at my Grandma Kullmer's.  She would heat it on the gas stove and I would iron hankies and I loved it.  Weird kid, I know, enjoying ironing.  I still don't mind ironing.

This little quilt is under glass on my sideboard in my dining room.  I change those things out every couple months.  Great place to serve food, but my things are protected by plate glass.  You know you can top any piece of furniture with plate glass, just take accurate measurements or a template of the top of your piece and take it to a glass place and they will make it for you. 

This tiny little piece is hanging above a doorway on a pegboard with several other pieces....use a cute hanger from the craft store and mini-clothespins.

A great place that I keep small quilts on and  change them out every couple months.

My dad made my mom and I one of these wall quilt racks quite a few years these.  So easy to change them out....I did this string piece as a model when I worked at a quilt show many moons ago.....loved that job!

I have quite a few packed into this corner, the small rack in the front is a wooden shoe rack with several pieces draped on it.  My doll bed from when I was a kid has a whole stack of small pieces in it and of course one laid on the table, with a few dolls around all decked out in their patriotic garb.

My Dear Jane is moving along....I did so-so on it this week....some blocks done is better than nothing.  Challenge for this week is A-9 Cabin Fever

Wishing you all a great weekend and maybe you will get some "Dear Jane" time in!!!


Kaaren said...

Just beautiful, Sheri. Your decorating would fit right in with mine. Your little quilts are stunning! Thanks for sharing!

quiltgrannie said...

Hi Sheri, Your Chattanooga quilt turned out lovely. All your quilts look great the way you have them displayed. Great idea to use the shoe rack for these small quilts!!

Jennifer M said...

Sheri they're all wonderful:) Thanks so much for sharing your decorating with little quilts with us.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Wonderful collection of your little quilts, Sheri...I love making and displaying them too!

Hugs, Csrolyn

Shasta Matova said...

Shari, I enjoyed seeing all your beautiful little quilts and how you have displayed them throughout your house. I also enjoyed taking a peek at your older posts. I am making a Jane quilt as well - I am not nearly as far along as you are. My blocks (50+) have been sitting for a while. I'm sure they could use some more company and I should get a few more pieced to help them out.

Joanne said...

Lovely display!