Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Felt Puzzles

Several years ago I found the designs for the felt activity books from My Fair see the cover of the Easter Book check back to my Easter Tree Post for a photo.  If you want me to post the pictures of that book let me know.  These books are absolutely darling.  When I have taken them for show and tell......let's just say fav project ever!!!!

I also got a couple of these monthly puzzle designs free when I bought the Seasonal Book designs, but since the puzzle set was a monthly premium and I did not come across them until late in the year, I was only able to get a few of them for free.  This year I decided I wanted to finish that set and stitch out each month the puzzle for that month.  These are very popular with the Grands.....

April Showers Puzzle

This view shows the puzzle put together.

March St. Patty's Puzzle
The only issue I have with these puzzles and it is partly my fault.  I added another piece of felt on the back of the puzzle as I stitched out the puzzle pieces.  I wanted to make them heftier for the wear and tear of my tribe, so that makes them thicker.  The designer's "little" basket & coat are really not big enough to hold all the pieces.  I still like them and overlook that problem.  :)

Here is the link to purchase the Puzzle Designs.  I chose to not put them in a book.  I put each month together with a binder ring usually decorated with ribbon and trim.  And I keep out only the current month.  The Grands love a surprise when they come visit & what I have out is different each time.  :)

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Very sweet idea. Thanks for sharing.