Friday, April 1, 2011

Quilt Therapy

A sweet bunny pincushion I did for a pincushion exchange for our local quilt guide. (Sue Spargo Design)   I made one to exchange and one for me to keep because it turned out so cute.  This is made from recycled wool and vintage rick-rack.  In the background is another small  basket quilt I did several years go from my Grandma K's 1930's stash.
 I am in quilt therapy right now.....what is that you might wonder?  Well I cannot say it is cheaper than cigarettes or booze, or any other substitutes your might want to name, because that may not be true.  But it is certainly better for you than those things.  I find myself in a place where I need to do some emotional and spiritual healing.  I was reminded of that this AM while talking to a dear friend, who is also living in the same abyss.....we are in it together....only many miles apart.  So we are together in a like situation, but not together in locale.  And that is a total bummer.  I sense we will be OK and even thrive at some point, but this place we are at right now is hard.  And not something either of us would choose.........I digress.....

Easter Egg Table mat, I just finished....a fun afternoon project!!!

Quilt Therapy is like stitching with purpose and a realization that time is precious.....working on pieces that are important to me,  give me a sense of accomplishment, or encourage those in need around me with a gift of sewing.  It is methodically and systematically, repeating over and over, the same motions and hear the same sounds of my sewing machine as it chugs along.  BTW hearing different sounds from your sewing machine is most often very BAD.  I hate it when that happens!!! 

Anyhow, I sometimes listen to sermons I have recorded, music, Phantom, Les Mis, or favorite shows that I have Tivo'd.  But sometimes it is just better to have quiet and be reflective and allow my mind to use the make decisions, give understanding and in the long term, healing. 

I wake up (when I don't have a migraine....) ready to jump into my projects where I left them and I am finding this time to be well spent and like a healing balm to my soul.  I am reconnecting with who I really am, after a long absence because of several  recent outside pressures in my life. One thing I know for certain is any healing takes time and it most often takes longer than we thought or want. 

BTW, if you don't can substitute this with exercise therapy, hiking therapy, biking therapy, knitting therapy, cross stitch therapy, writing therapy, etc.....use that time productively and maybe creatively.... it will nurture your soul and heart and mind to a healthier and better balanced you.
A little close up showing the Happy Easter I wrote with my machine and a few decorative stitches that I added.

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