Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Doesn't he look warm and cozy in his hand knitted snowsuit?....I am sure made by his mother.  My dad was born on his mother's birthday on a terribly cold..... winter day, during a snowstorm...such a happy guy and he still is.  He is kept busy fixing things and making furniture and repurposing furniture for our entire family.  He and mom, pop in and out during the week, out here on the farm and it is always a joy to have them stop by.  Thanks, dad for everything!!!  I love you.

I am still keeping up with making a felt puzzle every month for the grand kids.  June's has a Father's Day theme to it.  The puzzle has all these sports themes to it, which really is not my dad.....although he does enjoy watching the Cubs and the Vikings. 
His "fun" of choice would be fishing or working in his wood shop and being around his family.

Here is the cute pocket all ready for all the puzzle pieces.

Here is the puzzle page....with the puzzle all put together.  I must say the grand kids look for these as soon as they hit the door and are so excited when it is different.  :)  I hook the two pages together with a binder ring decorated with various colors of ribbon.

Here is the link for you, if you are interested in purchasing these puzzles designs.

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