Sunday, June 5, 2011

Grandma's Iris

One of the joys of my little piece of earth here in Iowa during the late weeks in May and early June depending on the weather is my iris beds.  They all came from my Grandma K., who prized these lovelies each year.  I usually clean my iris beds in the spring and put "preen" down and that pretty well keeps the weeding to a minimum for the rest of the season.  Since I am really a lazy and fair weather gardener that is my idea of weeding. 

During Grandpa & Grandma's mobile years they would travel to various garden nurseries adding to her hybrid collection.  These flowers are impressive, massive and fragrant.  I love to cut large quantities and bring them into the house.  The sad part is they don't last long.  :)  But they are stunning while they a lot of simple things in life, you better enjoy while you have the opportunity!!!!

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