Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer in a Basket

What can you do with a worn out, old broken basket, a vintage mason jar, a chipping sparrow's nest?

I hope this arrangement will make you smile, as it does me.  It reminds me of those things that make summer great.

I used some leftover silks that I already had....filling the basket with flower oasis and tucking in some moss to cover it and make it look natural.  I used some taller stems in the back.....but you could do whatever you wished....and it might depend some on the shape of your basket. 

The "Silver Fox" and I live on the top of a hill out in the country, so when we have wind, which is quite often.  I find nests that have blown out of the trees.  So I have a nice collection of nests.  It was fun to tuck this sweet little one into the corner.

On one corner of the basket, the splints were broken out, so I added some moss and a couple flowers "growing out."

This photo is taken looking down from the you can see the mason jar tucked in the basket with a butterfly glued to a stick inside. 

This certainly brings back childhood memories of collecting fuzzy caterpillars in glass jars, that I had poked holes in the lid.  Then I graduated to a bug keeper that we bought at the local dime store.  I thought that thing was the cat's meow!!!

I hope this inspires you to collect a few of your flower blooms and some natural elements..... put them together in a old container.....and enjoy!!!

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