Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

The "fam" will be coming this way on Thanksgiving Day....there will be 23 of us.  So the baking has begun around here.  I have been making batches of rolls every day for the last several days ......they are all wrapped up and in the freezer.  The recipe comes from the "checkered cookbook" pet name for the Better Homes and Garden Cookbook.  I would be the 3rd generation to use this book and recipe.  The house smelled so yummy I could have scarfed down a pan of these by myself..... really....   :)  The basic sweet roll dough....which I let the bread machine mix for me.  BTW, my bread making results dramatically improved when I started using a bread machine to mix up the dough....would highly recommend adding that small appliance to any kitchen.  Mine is VERY old and I am expecting it to die any time during an inopportune cooking moment.  

On the Quilt History List that I have belonged to for years, they were discussing turkey quilts recently and if any one had any or had seen any.  I don't think there are too many vintage quilts out there with a turkey on them.....don't think I have ever seen one.  This one is not vintage....I made it several years ago as a model for a quilt shop where I worked at the time.  And really do not remember who the designer of the pattern was.  A fun fall piece with a good message for us all to remember.  I did just google turkey quilt images and a bunch of quilt blocks were displayed.  My favorite was not a pieced block, but an embroidered one....very fun....check it out.

Here is a wonderful piece of clip art to share with you.  Just a reminder to those that might not know, just right click on it and you should get an option to be able to save it to your computer for your personal use.
This would make a very cute place card at your Thanksgiving table.  I would suggest writing your guest's name with a gold metallic paint pen below the verse.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!!!

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