Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Little Quilts

I am not sure where this week  went, I started this posting earlier in the week and then promptly didn't get back to it until now.  I finished a couple small pieces last week and wanted to share them with you all.
The first piece is a small Halloween piece, that is totally out of leftovers from another quilt.  Right before Halloween while looking for something else, I opened up a small drawer and wha-la, there they were.  
A very simple layout and I quilted it diagonally with a purple sliver thread.  I would have liked to add more sliver to it, but had trouble with breakage going through the seams, even with all the tricks I know with stitching with that kind of thread.

These half square triangles came from cutting off the excess triangles when you add a smaller square to a larger square and stitch from corner to corner as shown.  Then you trim away on the dashed line and press the triangle away from the square.  Probably my fav method to add triangles to a square.  The only problem with this method ......you end up with all of these triangles....if they are very small they go in the pet bedding bag to be recycled there.  But if they are bigger than that I have a hard time tossing them.  :0
Here is the latest challenge quilt on the small quilt list by Kathleen Tracy.  I must say it didn't look like much until I added the borders.

Challenge #13 Four Patch
I added a tiny flange border border first, then I drug out some "old" (probably the '80's) border prints and added those with mitered corners.  I did quilt it by machine using the quilting stitch across the diagonal, making a nice secondary design, before adding the red binding, which really adds the 3rd border.  Very sweet!


Bonnie said...

Nifty little four patch. Hum, I should get off my duff and do this challenge... I have millions (well, thousands) of those cut off triangles in all different sizes. Some times I actually sew the other seam before I cut them. I need to challenge myself to use them... Hum . . . I think I'll send Kathy a note... that might be an interesting challenge... Love your work. Bonnie/Va.

Louise said...

The Halloween quilt has such energy, and the four-patch is so charming! You've captured an antique look.
By the way, I love the William Morris quote on your heading.