Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Quiet Thanksgiving.....Not So Much

I know over the last several days I have enjoyed several blogs celebrating their families thanksgiving festivities.  I notice that the guest list usually is pretty much adult heavy with maybe a few children.  I have scrapbook pages showing those Thanksgivings too....they contain naps, crafting and ornament making, football, walks....you get the picture.  I am here to share a more realistic Thanksgiving where the children out number the adults in energy, number and bodily functions....yes, you read that right .....I will get to that shortly.

Before we get to the heart of this narrative, I will start by showing our idyllic table, full of pumpkins, pilgrims, vintage wax figures, turkeys and candles.  BTW I have recently been marking our glasses using a rubber band and some kind of label or name tag under it.  I was finding that I didn't want to use my nice glasses any more because we had no good way of keeping track of the glasses over the course of a day.  So I resorted to the solo cups and a sharpie, which we still use on informal occasions.  But this way I can use some of my crystal glassware.  Another thing....these glasses are lead crystal.  You are suppose to wash them by hand, so guess what,  I never used them.  One day I pulled them down off the top shelf, they were dusty and I threw them in the dish washer....Oh My Gosh....they got clean....looked fine...I have been using them for every day ever since.  If they die in the dish washer, they die.

But I digress again.  Because we were short one family and three kids.  I set the big table up for the adults and the smaller table off the kitchen worked for the kids.  Lately we have been feeding the kids first because there are so many of them and then they go off and play while the adult can SIT and eat.  At least that is the plan....

So picture this we had just sat down to eat, I am not sure the "Silver Fox" had taken a bite of food yet, when some how we were made aware of a "problem" in the bathroom.  One of the 6 year-olds had plugged the new "unplugable throne."  And had tried to "fix" it....to no avail.  Let's just say if we had not pulled the carpet this summer when we re-did the bathroom.....it would have come up Thanksgiving afternoon 2011.  So at one point the "Silver Fox" is baling and my son-in-law looks like he is going to puke....finally.... thankfully they got it going again and cleaned up. Then we all could resume our festivities.  But honestly you can't make this stuff up......welcome to the wild and wacky world of our lives and family holidays.  I know this will be one story to remember as we look back......and laugh.  Not the perfect holiday, whatever that is, but it is ours.  :)
Playing the game of Life......

The hidden picture books are always a favorite.

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