Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 Memorial

My heart goes out to those family and friends who were directly devastated by the horrible events of that day 10 years ago.  I pray that each person finds the courage to continue on as their loved-one would wish for them each day.  This is such a vivid reminder to each one of us to live our lives with no regrets, doing those things that are meaningful and significant.  And most importantly loving our family and friends, while making sure they know of their importance in our lives.

I have a special date book that I write significant dates for our family and this was
the entry from that horrific day.

This little cross stitch piece I worked on while we were traveling on vacation.  I love the charms.  My dad cut down a vintage frame to fit it and I just put it together the other day.  It will be ready to hang next year when I get my patriotic decorations out.  It certainly makes for an appropriate memorial piece.  I love the blue stripe in the frame and the serendipity of it....that I would even have a frame like this in my stash of old frames.

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