Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crazy Quilt Wedding Purse

I love to do crazy quilt projects.  On one of my sewing lists, awhile back, we were talking about wedding purses and I promised to post about the one I had done for one of my girls.  These projects are such fun to do and I love using pieces from my grandmother's stash of lace, bits of crochet pieces and fabrics.

This purse includes fabric from my wedding dress, my daughter's prom dress, my mother's stash.  It also includes lace and crochet snippets from my Grandma K. and her mother, Great-Grandma W.

The back of the purse, showing buttons, ribbon and crystals.

  This views shows the purse open and some of the crochet pieces.  Both my Grandma and Great-Grandma would crochet out small parts of a design before committing to entire projects.  So I have bags full of these small bits and pieces and love using them in small projects.

You can see this is a very easy shape.  One you could easily draw out.....a rectangle with one edge curved to make a flap.  I am sure I used a piece of muslin as a base and I just covered it with my crazy quilting fabrics, lace, etc.    Trim any fabric or lace to the finished shape of the muslin.  Add an optional ribbon or cord for a handle before adding the lining.  Then using a piece of satin to line it, stitch it together with right sides together, leaving an opening to turn.  After turning the piece and stitching the opening closed.  I hand stitched the bag together to make the bag shape and checking to make sure I like the way the flap comes down to close it.  Then adding a snap to close the bag and any other embellishments you want to add to finish.

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